Personal Invisibility Shield 2

Personal invisibility shield that you can buy, starting at $69

In a world where the boundaries between science fiction and reality blur, the Invisibility Shield 2.0 emerges as a fascinating piece of technology that offers a glimpse into what was once deemed impossible: personal invisibility. This device, recently introduced on Kickstarter by the London-based Invisibility Shield Co., represents an advanced … Read more

GyroGlove Hand-stabilizing Glove

GyroGlove is a hand-stabilizing glove for individuals with tremors

In the dynamic atmosphere of CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the GyroGlove emerged as a significant innovation for those battling hand tremors, especially prevalent among individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. This hand-stabilizing glove employs advanced gyroscopic technology to mitigate tremors, thereby enhancing the wearer’s ability to control their movements and perform … Read more

TiSpanner Compact Titanium Adjustable Spanner Multitool

TiSpanner: A handy titanium multi-tool for your keychain

In the recent surge of titanium multi-tools crowding crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the TiSpanner stands out with its unique feature – a compact, adjustable spanner wrench. This innovative tool is a creation of the Chinese gadget company Titaner, known for their inventive gadgets like the Tiroler measuring ring. … Read more

The Life Chariot MEDEVAC Off-road Trailer

The Life Chariot: Frontline-tested off-road medical evacuation trailer

In the realm of medical evacuation, especially in challenging and hostile environments, the innovation and effectiveness of equipment can be the difference between life and death. The Life Chariot, a frontline-tested MEDEVAC evacuation trailer, emerges as a groundbreaking solution in this critical field. Garnering the special 2023 Humanitarian Award at … Read more

Folding-wheel Carry-on Revolve Air Wheelchair

Folding-wheel carry-on Revolve Air: Future of air travel for wheelchair users

Navigating the vast corridors of an airport and managing the rigors of air travel can be a considerable challenge for wheelchair users. From the risk of their personal wheelchair getting lost or damaged when checked in as luggage to relying on airport-provided chairs, the entire process can be daunting. But, … Read more