Mo'cycle Inflatable Airbag Jeans

Inflatable Mo’cycle Airbag Jeans for motorcycle riders

In the realm of motorcycle apparel, the introduction of Mo’cycle Airbag Jeans marks a significant stride towards enhancing rider safety. With a focus on protecting the lower body—a region often left vulnerable in motorcycle accidents—these jeans combine functionality with innovation to offer an added layer of security for riders. Unique … Read more

Damon Motorcycles HyperFighter

Damon Motorcycles: Redefining high-performance electric riding

In the quest to harmonize environmental sustainability with thrilling performance, Damon Motorcycles emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of electric two-wheelers. Departing from the conventional association of electric motorcycles with urban commuting, Damon introduces the HyperSport and HyperFighter models, crafted for the performance-hungry rider who also values eco-friendliness. These … Read more

Lambretta Elettra Electric Scooter

Lambretta transforms classic scooter for the electric generation

Lambretta, a name synonymous with classic scooters and a symbol of the 1960s mod movement, has taken a significant leap into the future. The company, still revered for its role in the iconic film “Quadrophenia,” has introduced an electric version of its timeless classic, the Elettra, blending modern functionality with … Read more

Langen Lightspeed V-Twin Motorcycle

Langen’s retro revolution: Introducing the 2025 Lightspeed V-Twin

Boutique motorcycle manufacturer Langen has made waves in the industry with the introduction of its latest marvel, the 2025 Lightspeed V-Twin. Following the success of its remarkably lightweight 2-Stroke model, the company is gearing up to offer something equally impressive yet distinct. The new Langen Lightspeed stands out with its … Read more

Evoke 6061-GT Electric Touring Motorcycle

Evoke 6061-GT motorcycle boasts a colossal battery for electric touring

The concept of long-range touring on two wheels is evolving, with Evoke Motorcycles pushing the envelope into electric territory. The Evoke 6061-GT is an ambitious leap into the future of motorcycling, boasting the largest battery ever seen in a production motorcycle. This 30-kWh powerhouse promises an impressive range of over … Read more

Suzuki MOQBA 4-legged Stair-climbing Motorcycle

Suzuki’s unique 4-legged, stair-climbing motorcycle

Suzuki has pushed the boundaries of conventional mobility with the introduction of the MOQBA at the Japanese Mobility Show. A marvel of engineering and robotics, the MOQBA, short for MOdular Quad Based Architecture, is unlike any motorcycle seen before. Its unique design, comprising four small electric wheels attached to highly … Read more

Yamaha Self-balancing Motoroid 2

Yamaha unveils bizarre, swiveling, self-balancing Motoroid 2

Motorcycling enthusiasts often await technological marvels and future-focused concepts, but Yamaha’s Motoroid 2 seems to have taken this anticipation to an entirely new dimension. With its enthralling features and futuristic design, this machine seems less like a bike and more like a tantalizing peek into the next era of transportation. … Read more