CityShuttle ePack Semi-trailer e-Cargo Bike

CityShuttle ePack: A cargo bike built for businesses

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban logistics, the CityShuttle ePack cargo bike emerges as a timely solution for businesses looking to optimize their delivery operations within crowded city environments. This innovative cargo bike is designed not only to handle hefty loads with ease but also to navigate the complex web … Read more

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer

Micro-camping trailer navigates off-road terrain on wheels or skis

The Genimax HR micro-camping trailer is a compact, towable unit designed with the adventurous spirit in mind. Built to explore off-road terrains in any season, this trailer offers an impressive combination of functionality and affordability. Whether you’re pulling it behind a passenger car, ATV, or snowmobile, the HR is ready … Read more

All-terrain Exoquad for Wheelchair Users

Exoquad opens up off-road adventures for wheelchair users

The Exoquad four-wheeler emerges as a beacon of innovation, specifically designed to empower wheelchair users to navigate the most challenging outdoor environments independently. This robust vehicle combines cutting-edge technology with practical functionality, providing an unmatched level of accessibility to the great outdoors. Norwegian startup Exotek, the brainchild behind the Exoquad, … Read more

Mo'cycle Inflatable Airbag Jeans

Inflatable Mo’cycle Airbag Jeans for motorcycle riders

In the realm of motorcycle apparel, the introduction of Mo’cycle Airbag Jeans marks a significant stride towards enhancing rider safety. With a focus on protecting the lower body—a region often left vulnerable in motorcycle accidents—these jeans combine functionality with innovation to offer an added layer of security for riders. Unique … Read more

WeRide Robosweeper S1

Autonomous electric road sweeper cleans 1 million square feet of road per charge

In the ongoing effort to maintain clean and safe urban environments, the role of technology has become increasingly significant. One of the latest advancements comes from WeRide, a company founded in 2017 by an expert from Baidu’s autonomous driving lab. With the introduction of the Robosweeper S1, WeRide aims to … Read more

XPENG AEROHT Modular Flying Car Concept

Xpeng’s eVTOL-launching adventure machine inches closer to reality

In the realm of transportation, the convergence of automotive robustness and aerial agility seldom crosses into reality. However, AeroHT, a subsidiary of the Chinese automotive giant Xpeng, is changing the narrative with its audacious venture—the Land Aircraft Carrier (LAC). This electric six-wheeler is not merely a vehicle but an adventure … Read more

LimX Dynamics P1 Bipedal Robot

P1 bipedal robot by LimX Dynamics is resilient and adaptable

In a world increasingly captivated by the possibilities of robotics, LimX Dynamics, a China-based company, has introduced a remarkable addition to the field: the P1 bipedal robot. Unlike traditional robots designed for specific tasks within narrow environments, P1 combines the agility to navigate rugged terrains with the resilience to withstand … Read more