Dolas Defender 250 Cargo eTrike

Unique cargo e-trike with three powered wheels in line

German mobility startup Dolas eBike has recently unveiled an intriguing addition to its product line with the Defender 250, a modern utility vehicle that reimagines the tandem bike concept. This unique e-trike stands out with its unconventional design, featuring three powered wheels, robust 4-inch fat tires, a substantial 180-km range … Read more

Cybertruck-inspired Cyberdrop eBike Trailer

Cyberdrop ebike trailer: A new dimension to bike-packing

The world of bike-packing is on the brink of an exciting evolution with the introduction of the Cyberdrop ebike trailer, heavily inspired by the futuristic design of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Unlike the bulky and unwieldy camping solutions often seen trailing behind bikes, the Cyberdrop presents a sleek, functional, and potentially game-changing … Read more

BeTriton eBoat Camper eBike Trailer

BeTriton Trailer is a dual-function ebike towable boat and camper

In the dynamic world of outdoor recreation, versatility and innovation are key. The BeTriton, an amphibious eBike camper trailer, exemplifies this by offering a novel approach to camping and water adventures. Initially emerging from the Z-Triton amphibious eTrike camper, BeTriton has evolved in 2022 to cater to a more diverse … Read more

Pi-Pop Third-gen Supercapacitor eBike

Quick-boosting supercapacitor powers battery-free ebike

In the realm of urban transportation, the Pi-Pop ebike emerges as a noteworthy contender, especially for those seeking a sustainable and efficient means of commuting. This French-designed ebike deviates from the conventional path, opting for a supercapacitor-powered system instead of the traditional battery pack. This article delves into the mechanics, … Read more

pelicanTrain eBike Cargo Train

Pelican’s ebike freight train can haul over 1,000 lb of cargo

In the realm of urban freight transport, the pelicanTrain stands out as a significant innovation, reshaping how cargo is moved within city confines. This unique cargo bike system, originating from France, distinguishes itself by combining an electric cargo bike with one or two powered trailers, presenting a greener and more … Read more

Rattan Quercus Cargo eBike

Rattan Quercus: A powerful dual-battery cargo ebike for heavy hauling

Rattan, a manufacturer known for its fat-tire electric bikes, has recently launched the Quercus, a rugged cargo eBike designed to meet the needs of commuters, shoppers, and those looking for an eco-friendly and convenient transportation option. The Quercus is notable for its dual-battery system, impressive load capacity, and advanced features … Read more

Slippers Bicycle - The Q

The Q’s latest feat: A truly unique slippers bicycle!

Renowned DIY enthusiast The Q has unveiled his most intriguing invention yet – the ‘Slippers Bicycle’ – a bicycle that uniquely rides on slippers. Known for his eccentric and meticulously crafted creations, The Q has an impressive portfolio of bicycles, including the wheel-less bike on tracks. His latest innovation, however, … Read more