XPENG AEROHT Modular Flying Car Concept

Xpeng’s eVTOL-launching adventure machine inches closer to reality

In the realm of transportation, the convergence of automotive robustness and aerial agility seldom crosses into reality. However, AeroHT, a subsidiary of the Chinese automotive giant Xpeng, is changing the narrative with its audacious venture—the Land Aircraft Carrier (LAC). This electric six-wheeler is not merely a vehicle but an adventure … Read more

Airfish-8 Wing-in-ground Effect Aircraft

Airfish-8 wing-in-ground effect aircraft to launch in 2025

In the evolving landscape of transportation, the Airfish-8 emerges as a distinctive figure, poised to redefine travel over water by combining the efficiency of aircraft with the practicality of marine vessels. Slated for service in 2025, this wing-in-ground (WIG) effect aircraft, developed by Singapore’s ST Engineering, is gearing up to … Read more

Rotor R550X Full-size Autonomous Helicopter Civilian Use

Rotor R550X: Full-size autonomous helicopter for civilian use

In the ever-evolving landscape of aviation technology, Rotor Technologies has taken a significant leap with the production of its latest innovation, the R550X. This full-size unmanned helicopter, fashioned after the Robinson R44 Raven II, represents a groundbreaking step in civilian aviation, offering a blend of advanced capabilities and autonomous operations. … Read more

Samson Switchblade Flying Car First Flight

Samson Sky Switchblade flying car soars high with its inaugural flight

The world of personal transportation is set to change dramatically with the introduction of the Samson Sky Switchblade, a unique three-wheeler that doubles as a high-speed airplane. After 14 years of meticulous development and rigorous testing, the Switchblade has finally taken to the skies, marking a significant milestone in aviation … Read more

Solar Airship One Circumnavigate Globe

Solar-powered airship will circumnavigate the globe without fuel

In an era where the cry for sustainable and eco-friendly innovations is louder than ever, the Solar Airship One emerges as a beacon of hope for zero-emissions long-distance aviation. This groundbreaking airship is set to circumnavigate the globe, covering about 40,000 km (25,000 miles) in a continuous 20-day flight, all … Read more