Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer

Micro-camping trailer navigates off-road terrain on wheels or skis

The Genimax HR micro-camping trailer is a compact, towable unit designed with the adventurous spirit in mind. Built to explore off-road terrains in any season, this trailer offers an impressive combination of functionality and affordability. Whether you’re pulling it behind a passenger car, ATV, or snowmobile, the HR is ready … Read more

All-terrain Exoquad for Wheelchair Users

Exoquad opens up off-road adventures for wheelchair users

The Exoquad four-wheeler emerges as a beacon of innovation, specifically designed to empower wheelchair users to navigate the most challenging outdoor environments independently. This robust vehicle combines cutting-edge technology with practical functionality, providing an unmatched level of accessibility to the great outdoors. Norwegian startup Exotek, the brainchild behind the Exoquad, … Read more

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent

ARB Altitude powered rooftop tent brings RV luxury to car camping

ARB, a trailblazer in the outdoor and overlanding gear sector from Australia, has once again set new standards with its latest offering, the Altitude rooftop tent. This innovative product is designed for those who cherish the spirit of adventure but do not want to compromise on comfort and convenience. With … Read more

Tetravan Luxurious Cargo Trailer Conversion

Tetravan transforms a box trailer into a luxury camping haven

Tetravan, based in Salt Lake City, has skillfully modified a standard box trailer into a deluxe camping trailer, seamlessly blending practicality with comfort. This transformation has crafted a trailer that serves as both a portable living space and a model of modern design and efficient use of space. Julian Secomb, … Read more

Dropy All-terrain Teardrop Micro-camper

Dropy all-terrain micro-camper is a fresh take on outdoor exploration

The quest for the perfect blend of compactness, functionality, and rugged design in the realm of micro-campers leads us to the Dropy by Spain’s Drop Campers. With its distinctive appearance and thoughtful features, the Dropy micro-camper is engineered for adventurers who desire mobility without sacrificing the comforts of home. This … Read more

Bowlus Rivet Off-grid Self-propelled Camper

Bowlus Rivet: Elevating the entry-level luxury camping experience

In the realm of luxury camping trailers, Bowlus has long set the standard with its eye-catching designs and high-end features. As the brand continues to evolve, it has shifted its focus slightly downmarket, aiming to make its premium offerings more accessible without straying from its commitment to excellence and innovation. … Read more

SylvanSport GOAT Go All-Terrain Micro-camping Trailer

SylvanSport GOAT off-road micro-camping exo-trailer

SylvanSport, a company renowned for pushing the boundaries of camping and outdoor adventure, commemorates its 20th anniversary with the introduction of the GOAT, an off-road micro-camping exo-trailer designed to take you where no road goes. The GOAT, which stands for “GO All-Terrain,” is not just an addition to the company’s … Read more

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer

Bend Teardrop Tall Boy is a high-rise haven for campers

Bend Teardrop, a small RV builder based in Oregon, has long delighted in pushing the boundaries of teardrop trailer design. Known for its oversized trailers that offer ample sleeping space, the company has taken its innovation a step further with the introduction of the Tall Boy. This new model stands … Read more

IcePro Fiberglass Trailer Ice Fishing Hut

IcePro’s winch axle drops trailer floor onto the ice for drilling and fishing

The IcePro trailer emerges as a novel solution for adventurers seeking to conquer the icy landscapes of North America. This teardrop-inspired trailer, designed for the harshest winter conditions, combines the versatility of a toy hauler with the cozy confines of an ice fishing hut. Engineered to be towed by a … Read more