Wind-powered Pyxis Ocean WindWings Cargo Ship

Retrofitted large solid wind sails save three tonnes of fuel per day

The maritime industry is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainability, evidenced by the successful six-month sea trial of the Pyxis Ocean, a 43,000-tonne bulk freighter. This venture highlights a pivotal moment in shipping, blending traditional diesel power with the innovative use of automatic sails known as WindWings, developed by BAR … Read more

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Unfolding Mechanism

Solarcontainer unfolds to provide solar power, anytime, anywhere

In an era where the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions is more critical than ever, the Solarcontainer emerges as a pivotal innovation. This mobile solar power unit, conceived through the collaborative efforts of SolarCont GmbH, Hilber Solar GmbH, and Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik GmbH, represents a forward leap in leveraging … Read more

Soleolico Wind Turbine with Solar Panels

World’s first wind turbine with solar panels on its blades

In the pursuit of sustainable and innovative energy solutions, the unveiling of Soleolico in October 2023, at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, Spain, marked a significant milestone. This unique technology combines the forces of wind and solar energy into a single system, making it the world’s first wind … Read more

CorPower Ocean C4 Wave Energy Converter

CorPower Ocean’s C4 successfully demonstrates wave power on a large scale

Harnessing the ocean’s power for renewable energy has long been an enticing yet challenging prospect. Leading the charge in this innovative arena is CorPower Ocean, a Swedish company that has recently showcased the potential of its C4 Wave Energy Converter (WEC) at the Aguçadoura site in Portugal. Completing its inaugural … Read more