Solarcontainer unfolds to provide solar power, anytime, anywhere

In an era where the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions is more critical than ever, the Solarcontainer emerges as a pivotal innovation. This mobile solar power unit, conceived through the collaborative efforts of SolarCont GmbH, Hilber Solar GmbH, and Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik GmbH, represents a forward leap in leveraging solar energy. Designed for optimal portability and installation ease, the Solarcontainer is a beacon of practical renewable energy use.

Addressing the demand for accessible renewable energy

The Solarcontainer has been meticulously engineered to meet the growing demand for adaptable and effective renewable energy sources. Its unique design merges compactness with the mobility and rapid deployment capabilities necessary to navigate the challenges of the contemporary energy landscape. Encased within a container frame that conforms to the 20-foot “high-cube” container standards (ISO 668 with CSC certification), it can be easily transported worldwide, facilitating access to solar power in even the most remote locations.

Technical ingenuity unleashed

At the core of the Solarcontainer is a marvel of engineering brilliance, capable of unfolding to reveal an extensive solar panel array that spans 720m². Equipped with 240 PV modules and capable of extending up to 120 meters, it has a potential output of 140kWp. This system is supported by a robust floor frame that matches the dimensions of a 20f HC container, incorporating a sophisticated PV rail and folding mechanism. These innovations ensure the system’s portability while maximizing solar panel efficiency.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Panels Unfolding Over Rails
The Solarcontainer transforms from a standard container to an extensive solar array via an innovative rail system, seamlessly unfolding 240 modules. Images courtesy SolarCont

Effortless setup and versatile applications

Assembling the Solarcontainer is streamlined for efficiency—a small team of 3-4 installers, aided by a crane operator, can complete the setup within a single day. An electric mechanism facilitates the solar panels’ folding and unfolding, negating the need for manual labor and ensuring a swift and efficient assembly process, even without an external power source, except in case of power outages where backup power is necessary.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Crane
A crane delicately positions the Solarcontainer on-site, where a small team of 3-4 people can swiftly set it up within a day.

The Solarcontainer’s adaptability is among its strongest features. It is capable of powering around 32 households in Southern Germany and as many as 50 in Southern Europe, showcasing its potential to significantly influence regional energy supplies. Its sturdy design negates the need for foundational support, though it can be secured against high winds as needed.

This system finds its application across a broad spectrum, from aiding agricultural ventures and water management to supplementing power on construction sites, in emergency situations, and for off-grid charging stations. Its capability to operate in both on-grid and off-grid modes enhances its utility, making it an invaluable resource for various events, venues, and communities seeking reliable, sustainable energy options.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont PV Rail System
The Solarcontainer’s panels automatically unfold over a conveyor system with an electric mechanism.

Maintenance, efficiency, and flexibility

Maintaining the Solarcontainer is straightforward, requiring routine checks to maintain optimal performance. With an inverter and all essential electrical components pre-installed, it is ready for immediate operation upon setup. It adheres to legal maintenance regulations at the installation site, underscoring the importance of regular upkeep for continuous output.

Notably, the Solarcontainer supports both on-grid and off-grid configurations, offering unparalleled flexibility in application across different scenarios. This adaptability is vital for regions without existing infrastructure, where the Solarcontainer can serve as an independent power source or complement existing grids to meet high demand.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Dimensions
With dimensions of 6.0m in length, 2.4m in width, and 2.9m in height, the Solarcontainer fits standard 20-foot high-cube container specs for easy handling.

Charting the future of solar energy

The launch of the Solarcontainer signifies a notable advancement in the renewable energy sector. Its innovative design, combined with ease of transport and installation, broad application potential, and the collaboration behind its creation, underscore the importance of accessible and efficient solar power solutions. Whether enhancing remote area energy supplies, providing emergency power, or bolstering sustainable projects in agriculture and community development, the Solarcontainer promises a robust solution to today’s energy challenges.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Transport
The versatile Solarcontainer is designed for easy global transport via cargo ships, trains, and trucks, ensuring solar power can reach anywhere.

The partnership between Hilber Solar GmbH and Gföllner Fahrzeugbau und Containertechnik GmbH in forming SolarCont GmbH—and by extension, developing the Solarcontainer—highlights the synergistic potential of combining solar technology and container manufacturing expertise. This collaboration not only delivers a significant impact on renewable energy accessibility but also paves the way for future innovations in the field.

In summary, the Solarcontainer from SolarCont GmbH transcends being merely a portable solar power solution; it embodies a comprehensive strategy for meeting the urgent global demand for renewable energy. Its deployment has the potential to transform how communities, industries, and emergency services access and utilize solar energy, steering us toward a more sustainable and energy-secure future amidst the ongoing challenges of climate change and the depletion of fossil fuel resources.

Mobile Solar Container SolarCont Setup Complete
Fully unfolded, the Solarcontainer spans 120m in length with 240 PV modules, ready to harness the sun’s energy and power up communities.

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