Avvenire Leggera Three-wheeled Roadster EV

Avvenire Leggera EV: A fresh contender in the three-wheeled roadster market

The evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs) brings a new player to the three-wheeled roadster segment: the Avvenire Leggera EV. Emerging as a distinct entity from Canadian firm Daymak, Avvenire, previously associated with the Spiritus, a sporty three-wheeler, now introduces the Leggera, a three-wheel roadster that combines style and affordability. … Read more

TWIKE 5 Three-Wheeled EV Doors

TWIKE 5: Three-wheeled EV with side-stick steering

The automotive industry has long been dominated by conventional design practices. Whether it’s the steering wheel of a car or the handlebars of a bicycle, tradition has primarily dictated form. However, the unveiling of the TWIKE 5 has thrust the sector into a transformative phase, challenging long-standing norms with its … Read more