TWIKE 5: Three-wheeled EV with side-stick steering

The automotive industry has long been dominated by conventional design practices. Whether it’s the steering wheel of a car or the handlebars of a bicycle, tradition has primarily dictated form. However, the unveiling of the TWIKE 5 has thrust the sector into a transformative phase, challenging long-standing norms with its ingenious side-stick steering system and customizable speed and range attributes.

Redefining Steering Paradigms

Unveiled in Rosenthal, Germany, on May 10, 2023, the TWIKE 5 has aptly been dubbed the “Human Power Hybrid.” A fusion of pedal-assisted locomotion and an electric motor, this vehicle ushers in a novel mobility paradigm. The audacious decision to deviate from traditional steering mechanisms has birthed the side-stick steering system – a testament to avant-garde automotive design.

Breaking Tradition and Embracing Innovation

The TWIKE 5 doesn’t merely deviate from the norm; it forges a path into the unexplored terrains of steering technology. The dual-lever joystick system that controls the front steering axle is a product of thoughtful re-engineering, aiming to provide a more tactile and harmonious connection between driver and vehicle. As Martin Möscheid, Managing Director of TWIKE GmbH, eloquently states, this synergy enhances the safety and comfort quotient manifold.

Tailored Performance Capabilities

The TWIKE 5’s prowess isn’t confined to its revolutionary steering. It proffers multiple battery configurations, giving users the freedom to tailor their vehicle’s performance metrics. With its basic battery setup, the vehicle can clock speeds of around 130 km/h and offers a commendable range surpassing 250 km. But for those with a penchant for power, the advanced battery variant can deliver a blistering speed above 190 km/h and an astonishing range surpassing 500 km.

Choose your range and speed with TWIKE 5’s customizable battery options—go up to 130 km/h with a 250 km range or supercharge to 190 km/h and 500 km range.

From Ergonomics to User Experience

The side-stick steering is intricately designed, marrying functionality with ergonomics. Although it supports single-handed operation, the TWIKE 5 truly shines when navigated with both hands, making it congenial for drivers familiar with traditional steering systems. Further, its ergonomic prowess ensures stability during challenging terrains or adrenaline-charged drives.

TWIKE 5’s ergonomic side-stick steering aims to enhance safety, comfort, and the connection between pilot and vehicle.

Commitment to Quality and the Environment

The TWIKE 5 underscores a commitment to uncompromised quality. By procuring components from established automotive production lines, quality assurance is innate. Simultaneously, the production facility in Rosenthal showcases a marriage of innovation with environmental stewardship – a testament to the brand’s overarching commitment.

A Collaborative Venture

What sets the TWIKE 5 apart is its unique financing approach. Backed primarily by the TWIKE community, it symbolizes the collective spirit of modern mobility enthusiasts. With a cap set at 500 units, the brand has initiated an online ranking system, premised on the quantum of down payment, for pre-orders. Late entrants for the TWIKE 5 might find solace in being prioritized for its successor, the TWIKE 6.

Charge your battery and your health simultaneously in the TWIKE. With its Human Power Hybrid system, pedal-assisted driving doesn’t just extend your range—it’s your daily dose of fitness, too.

Price Points and What They Entail

Positioned between 39,900 euros to 49,900 euros, the TWIKE 5 doesn’t just demand a premium but justifies it. The price tag mirrors the vehicle’s groundbreaking features – from its side-stick steering to bespoke battery options. Given its limited production run, every unit embodies exclusivity and state-of-the-art engineering.

In Retrospect

The TWIKE 5 is more than just an electric vehicle; it is an emblem of what lies ahead in automotive innovation. Its design ethos and groundbreaking features hint at the impending renaissance in sustainable and efficient mobility. As the clamor for eco-friendly transportation gains momentum, the TWIKE 5 presents a riveting preview of what the future holds.

Small footprint, big advantage: TWIKE 5’s compact design ensures parking is a breeze.

Encompassing modern design aesthetics, customizable attributes, and a community-driven financing model, the TWIKE 5 is a harbinger of next-gen mobility. It not only challenges us to witness the evolution but to actively partake in this transformative journey. Bridging the past with the future, the TWIKE 5 isn’t just a mode of transportation – it’s a manifesto for the forthcoming era of motoring.

Three’s not a crowd: TWIKE 5’s tri-wheel design enhances stability while offering a unique driving experience.

Source: Twike

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