Cyberdrop ebike trailer: A new dimension to bike-packing

The world of bike-packing is on the brink of an exciting evolution with the introduction of the Cyberdrop ebike trailer, heavily inspired by the futuristic design of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Unlike the bulky and unwieldy camping solutions often seen trailing behind bikes, the Cyberdrop presents a sleek, functional, and potentially game-changing alternative for outdoor enthusiasts.

Canadian cyclist, author, entrepreneur, and Olympic silver medalist Jeremiah Brown is the mind behind this innovative concept. His personal experience in 2021, touring from Peterborough, Ontario to Newfoundland on a custom-modified ebike, laid the foundation for the Cyberdrop. Despite the thrill of his journey, Brown found the discomfort of tent camping a significant drawback. His quest for a suitable bicycle camper led to the realization that the market lacked a product meeting his criteria, ultimately driving him to create the Cyberdrop prototype.

The design of the Cyberdrop is as practical as it is striking. It features a robust welded 6061 aluminum frame, ensuring durability and stability. The trailer extends to an 8-foot (2.4 meters) bed length, which includes a convenient storage area at the feet, and stands at a cabin height of 46 inches (1,168 mm). This spacious design caters to taller individuals, allowing them to comfortably sit up, change, prepare meals, or relax within the trailer.

The Cyberdrop trailer in New York City. Images courtesy Cyberdrop

Insulation is a critical aspect of the Cyberdrop, utilizing 1-inch XPS (extruded polystyrene) sheeting. The interior’s aluminum surfaces are covered with neoprene to prevent condensation, ensuring a comfortable environment regardless of external weather conditions. The cabin is lined with a durable hull liner fabric and includes a powered roof vent for enhanced cooling and air circulation.

What sets the Cyberdrop apart in functionality is its integration of a Grin Technologies hub motor in the front wheel. This innovation relieves the towing ebike from bearing the entire load. In Brown’s current configuration, a Bullitt cargo bike equipped with front and rear hub motors performs the towing. The trailer and the bike’s motors are powered by a 72-volt/9.5-kW lithium battery pack, ingeniously housed in the bike’s cargo compartment.

Interior of the Cyberdrop eBike Trailer.

The Cyberdrop’s design allows for the motors in the trailer’s wheel and the Bullitt’s front wheel to assist the rider’s pedaling. For additional support, the motor in the ebike’s rear wheel can be activated. This setup offers a remarkable range of up to 130 miles (209 km) per 8-hour battery charge. An optional solar panel and regenerative braking system are available to extend battery life or power cabin electronics like lights and the vent fan, though the main battery also fulfills these roles.

As for production, Brown is in the midst of finalizing the details and plans to start accepting preorders once a reliable delivery date estimate is available. The anticipated pricing for the Cyberdrop starts at approximately CAD 8,999 (about US$6,770), excluding the ebike.

An optional solar panel provides a maximum of 400 watts, aiding in overnight charging of the main battery through a conventional 110/120v outlet.

Brown’s vision for the Cyberdrop is centered around a hassle-free riding experience, eliminating the constant need to check on the trailer. He describes riding with the Cyberdrop as “a pure joy,” a sentiment that seems to resonate with those who witness this novel trailer on the road. With its sleek design, practical features, and forward-thinking technology, the Cyberdrop ebike trailer is poised to redefine the bike-packing landscape, offering a blend of adventure, comfort, and style.

The interior measurements of the Cyberdrop’s cabin space.

Source: Cyberdrop

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