Portola folding eBike priced at under a thousand bucks

San Diego-based Ride1Up has unveiled a significant addition to its lineup, the Portola folding eBike, closely following the launch of their new Prodigy city bike last month. Aimed at revolutionizing the commuting experience, the Portola is designed to be easily folded and carried on a train or tucked into a car trunk, offering flexibility to commuters who traverse a combination of terrains and transportation modes in their daily journeys.

Weighing in at 59 pounds (26.7 kg), the Portola boasts a low-step alloy frame, enabling it to be compactly folded down to dimensions of 19 x 29.5 x 33 inches (482.6 x 749.3 x 838.2 mm). This thoughtful design element allows commuters the convenience of easily maneuvering their rides into train carriages or car trunks, embodying a blend of practicality and functionality.

Powering the Portola is a robust 750-W hub motor, providing pedal-assist functionality equipped with a torque of up to 65 Nm (48 lb.ft). The eBike categorizes as a Class 2, but offers the adaptability of being unlocked to meet Class 3 PAS specifications, enabling it to reach speeds up to 28 mph (45 km/h). The Portola also features a thumb throttle and is fitted with a Shimano 8-speed gearset, lending further versatility to the rider’s experience.

The Portola folds for convenient transport and storage, fitting seamlessly in car trunks or train carriages during commutes.

Two battery options accompany the Portola. The first, a 48-V/10.4-Ah battery, offers a range up to 40 miles (64 km) per charge, and the second option is a 48-V/13.4-Ah unit. These batteries are conveniently removable and facilitate indoor charging, ensuring that they can be easily maintained and managed by users.

Taking into account varying terrains, the Portola has been designed with a suspension fork and 3-inch-wide cross-country tires, fitted on 20-inch double-walled rims. These features promise a smoother ride across uneven surfaces. Ensuring safety and effective performance, the eBike also includes hydraulic disc brakes with 180-mm rotors, along with a motor cut-off function.

Choose between the Ride1Up Portola’s 10.4-Ah or 13.4-Ah batteries to customize your ride’s power according to your journey’s needs.

Additional features that enhance the Portola’s utility include a Connect+ rear rack with a carrying capacity of up to 130 pounds (59 kg), LED headlights and tail-lights for enhanced visibility, alloy fenders, and a sturdy kickstand.

In terms of pricing, the Portola maintains a competitive stance with the 10.4-Ah model priced at $995, while an upgraded battery option is available for $1,095. Ride1Up is also currently running a limited-time promotion, offering a $100 discount on each model, making this eBike a potentially attractive option for those seeking an affordable yet innovative commuting solution. Optional accessories such as baskets, passenger seating, and panniers are also available to customize the riding experience further.

The Portola features a 750-W hub motor for pedal-assist up to 28 mph.

Source: Ride1Up

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