Unique cargo e-trike with three powered wheels in line

German mobility startup Dolas eBike has recently unveiled an intriguing addition to its product line with the Defender 250, a modern utility vehicle that reimagines the tandem bike concept. This unique e-trike stands out with its unconventional design, featuring three powered wheels, robust 4-inch fat tires, a substantial 180-km range battery, and an impressive load capacity of 250 kg.

The Defender 250 is distinguished not just by its appearance but also by its innovative features. Each of its three wheels is equipped with a 250-W brushless hub motor, allowing for pedal assistance up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph), aligning with local e-bike regulations. The middle wheel, interestingly, is connected to the crank and includes a Shimano 8-speed gearset, adding versatility to the ride.

A key feature of the Defender 250 is its battery capacity. The e-trike houses a 2,544-Wh battery pack within its 6061 aluminum trellis-like frame. This hefty battery enables assisted journeys of up to 180 km (112 miles) on a single charge, setting a new benchmark in the e-bike domain for range and endurance.

The central wheel is linked to the crank and features an 8-speed Shimano gearset. Images courtesy Dolas eBike

The utility aspect of the Defender 250 is further amplified by its design. The long rail atop the frame can accommodate various configurations, including a second seat, a static handlebar, rear rack, and different basket options, making it highly adaptable to varying user needs.

One of the most innovative aspects of the Defender 250 is its patented three-part suspension system. This system is designed to continuously monitor and adjust the suspension, ensuring a smooth ride, comfort, and efficient handling across different terrains. The e-trike’s 20-inch wheels, encased in 4-inch-wide reinforced fat tires, play a crucial role in absorbing uneven surfaces. Additionally, the e-trike’s safety is enhanced by its disc braking system, which includes a 203-mm rotor at the front and 180-mm rotors at the middle and rear wheels.

A smart suspension setup paired with 4-inch wide fat tires designed to handle uneven terrain.

The Defender 250 also comes equipped with user-friendly features such as a 4-inch color LCD display for easy monitoring of the e-trike’s status and a USB charging port for convenience. The e-trike’s visibility is ensured by a moto-style LED headlight, encased in an IPX6-rated aluminum housing, making it durable and reliable in various weather conditions.

Weighing in at 78 kg (172 lb) with the battery included, the Defender 250 is a robust yet manageable e-trike. It is priced at €4,650 (approximately US$5,150), although international sales details have not been disclosed. The e-trike offers optional accessories like baskets and crates for additional customization.

The Defender 250 boasts a three-part suspension system comprising lateral and sideways cushioning.

Currently listed as ‘coming soon’, the Defender 250 joins Dolas eBike’s other launch models. Its street legality in Europe and other regions is yet to be confirmed. The Defender 250 represents a unique addition to the electric mobility market, offering a combination of extended range, high load capacity, and innovative design that could appeal to a wide array of users looking for efficient and versatile transportation solutions.

The top rail easily supports seating for two, a rear rack, and various baskets.

Source: Dolas e Bike

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