CityShuttle ePack: A cargo bike built for businesses

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban logistics, the CityShuttle ePack cargo bike emerges as a timely solution for businesses looking to optimize their delivery operations within crowded city environments. This innovative cargo bike is designed not only to handle hefty loads with ease but also to navigate the complex web of city traffic and regulations. Here, we delve into the features, design, and potential impacts of this modern transport solution now available for lease.

Design and capabilities

The CityShuttle ePack cargo bike, with its impressive dimensions and capabilities, is built to meet the stringent demands of urban delivery services. The cargo bike stretches five meters in length and stands 1.96 meters tall, allowing it to fit into underground parking spaces—a significant advantage in urban areas where parking is scarce. Despite its size, the bike remains agile with a width of just 90 centimeters, making it suitable for navigating both cycle lanes and city roads.

One of the bike’s most remarkable features is its load capacity. The ePack can carry up to 350 kilograms of payload in a trailer that offers four cubic meters of volume. This capability makes it an ideal choice for businesses that require the transportation of large quantities or bulky items within city limits.

CityShuttle ePack Semi-trailer e-Cargo Bike Size Comparison
Pictured here, next to an Evri delivery van, the CityShuttle ePack merges a 350 kg load capacity and 4 cubic meters of space with sustainable pedal support for smooth city deliveries. Images courtesy Cityshuttle

Technological enhancements

The CityShuttle is not just a means of transportation; it incorporates several advanced technological features that enhance its functionality and appeal. It includes two sunlight-readable 43-inch QLED screens mounted on the sides of the bike, which can be utilized for advertising purposes. This feature not only aids businesses in promoting their brands but also offers a potential revenue stream during routine deliveries.

The bike is equipped with a robust powder-coated steel frame chassis and features a sophisticated double wishbone suspension across all six wheels, ensuring stability and durability. Braking is enhanced with 2 mm discs, braided hoses, and reinforced pistons, designed specifically for the heavy-duty nature of cargo bikes.

CityShuttle ePack Semi-trailer e-Cargo Bike Advertising
The CityShuttle ePack features dual 43-inch QLED screens, offering unique advertising opportunities to generate additional revenue during deliveries.

Performance and safety

Performance-wise, the ePack is powered by two 250-watt motors that provide reliable pedal assistance up to speeds of 25 km/h, making deliveries faster and less labor-intensive for the operator. Safety is paramount, with LED lighting at the front and rear, daytime running lights, and additional indicators and brake lights. A unique pedestrian warning sound is included to alert passersby, enhancing safety in bustling city environments.

Sustainability and efficiency

In line with global trends towards sustainability, the CityShuttle ePack offers a greener alternative to traditional delivery vans. It operates entirely emission-free, aligning with the increasing regulations in urban centers that restrict the use of high-emission vehicles. By opting for this electric-powered cargo bike, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining efficiency in their operations.

CityShuttle ePack Semi-trailer e-Cargo Bike Volume
The CityShuttle ePack features a robust powder-coated steel chassis, double wishbone suspension, 20-inch aluminum wheels, and dual 250-watt motors.

Market impact and regulatory influence

The introduction of the CityShuttle ePack has not gone unnoticed in the logistics industry. It has attracted interest from some of the largest parcel delivery firms globally, recognizing the potential cost and efficiency benefits over traditional delivery methods. Additionally, the bike’s innovative features and potential have sparked discussions among policymakers, possibly influencing future regulations on electric motor outputs and urban mobility solutions.

Leasing information

For businesses interested in integrating the CityShuttle ePack into their operations, leasing options are available. These are designed to be flexible, catering to the diverse needs of businesses from small startups to large-scale logistics operators. While specific pricing details are tailored to individual business requirements, the leasing model offers a cost-effective way to access this advanced logistic solution without the upfront investment typically associated with such innovative technology.

CityShuttle ePack Semi-trailer e-Cargo Bike Cycle Lane
At just 90 cm wide, the CityShuttle ePack is perfectly sized to navigate cycle lanes.


The CityShuttle ePack cargo bike stands out as a sophisticated, efficient, and sustainable solution for modern urban logistics challenges. With its combination of high-capacity loading, advanced technological features, and agile design, it is well-suited to meet the demands of businesses looking to enhance their delivery services in environmentally conscious ways. As cities continue to tighten emissions regulations and look for ways to ease traffic congestion, the CityShuttle ePack represents a forward-thinking choice for progressive urban businesses.

CityShuttle ePack Semi-trailer e-Cargo Bike London
ePack cargo bike pictured in London, Southwark.

Source: Cityshuttle

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