Micro-camping trailer navigates off-road terrain on wheels or skis

The Genimax HR micro-camping trailer is a compact, towable unit designed with the adventurous spirit in mind. Built to explore off-road terrains in any season, this trailer offers an impressive combination of functionality and affordability. Whether you’re pulling it behind a passenger car, ATV, or snowmobile, the HR is ready to become your reliable partner in exploring the great outdoors.

Originating from Quebec, Genimax, not to be mistaken for the similarly named generator manufacturer, is a company that specializes in small, efficient camping trailers. The HR model, a brainchild of founder Maxime Cantin, was created out of a need for a lightweight, cost-effective camping solution. This desire led to the birth of an ultralight teardrop trailer that gained enough traction to establish the Genimax brand. In 2022, the lineup was expanded to include the even smaller and more economical HR model.

The HR stretches just 8.7 feet (2.7 meters) in length and is 60 inches (152 cm) wide, dimensions that ensure it can maneuver easily on tight trails and rugged landscapes. The trailer’s build is robust, featuring a full aluminum frame and composite panels that are glued and triple-sealed to create a watertight structure, thus eliminating concerns over rotting and warping. Initially appearing as a simple cargo box weighing only 375 pounds (170 kg), the HR hides much more beneath its compact exterior.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Fully Setup
When fully outfitted, the HR becomes an all-inclusive base camp with a kitchen under an awning, a rooftop tent, and a solar-powered electrical setup. Images courtesy Genimax Trailers

Designed for versatility, the base model of the HR includes rear and side drawers, each capable of carrying 200 pounds (91 kg). It stands out with an 825-pound (374-kg) payload and a 1,200-pound (544-kg) axle-free off-road suspension system that enables a range of customizations. Genimax provides an extensive list of add-ons to enhance the camping experience. These include a roof rack capable of supporting a two-person rooftop tent, integrated kitchen and sink counters, a marine battery with an inverter and solar panel, and a retractable awning to extend living space outdoors.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Side Tracks
Optional side tracks on the HR allow for easy attachment of a propane tank, water container, jerry can, and other essentials.

One of the HR’s unique features is its adaptability to winter conditions. The trailer can be fitted with skis in place of wheels, reducing its width to 48 inches (122 cm) and making it suitable for snowy landscapes as a snowmobile support trailer. This feature allows adventurers to use the HR for hauling gear or setting up a comprehensive winter camp. Additionally, an optional diesel heater provides warmth in cold environments, ensuring comfort during frosty nights.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer ATV OHV
The Genimax HR is specifically designed for ATV enthusiasts and off-highway vehicle riders.

Further customization is possible with accessories including 20-L and 35-L electric fridge boxes, a portable toilet with a pop-up privacy tent, a butane stove, a portable lithium power station, and various gear-specific carriers and racks. These options ensure that users can tailor the HR to meet their specific travel and camping needs.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Width
At a narrow 60 inches wide, the Genimax HR easily navigates tight trails behind compact vehicles.

Pricing for the HR starts at CA$8,495 (approximately US$6,188) for the base cargo model, making it an accessible option for those new to outdoor adventures or seeking a simple solution for their excursions. For those desiring a fully outfitted camper, the total cost can increase to CA$13,246 (about US$9,648), with the addition of a kitchen, water storage, rooftop tent, and other amenities increasing the dry weight to 622 pounds (282 kg). Skis can be added for an additional CA$809 (US$590), enhancing the trailer’s usability in snowy conditions.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Kitchen
The Genimax HR’s optional kitchen setup features distinct sink and countertop areas, a 10-L water canister, and choices of a butane stove and fridge.

In conclusion, the Genimax HR micro-camping trailer offers a practical, durable solution for explorers looking to tackle a variety of environments. With its customizable features and all-season capabilities, it stands out as a smart choice for anyone eager to explore nature’s vast playgrounds.

Genimax HR Tent-top Trailer Front Storage Box
The optional front box adds 160 liters of additional storage space to enhance capacity.

Source: Genimax Trailers

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