Exoquad opens up off-road adventures for wheelchair users

The Exoquad four-wheeler emerges as a beacon of innovation, specifically designed to empower wheelchair users to navigate the most challenging outdoor environments independently. This robust vehicle combines cutting-edge technology with practical functionality, providing an unmatched level of accessibility to the great outdoors.

Norwegian startup Exotek, the brainchild behind the Exoquad, was founded by outdoor enthusiasts Mattias Storvestre and Sigurd Groven. Their personal motivations—Storvestre’s search for a mobility aid for his wife and Groven’s quest for better outdoor mobility solutions following a mountain biking accident—drove the creation of this unique four-wheeler.

The Exoquad is offered in both two-wheel (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) configurations, accommodating a wide range of terrains and adventures. The 4WD model is particularly noteworthy for its robust construction. It features a durable 6061 tubular aluminum frame equipped with a safety roll bar, 20 x 4-inch Kenda fatbike tires designed for optimal traction, and Tektro Twin+ hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power. The inclusion of front and rear DNM adjustable coil shocks, offering 170 to 200 mm of travel, ensures a smooth ride over uneven landscapes.

All-terrain Exoquad for Wheelchair Users Dimensions
The Exoquad boasts a strong 6061 aluminum frame, wide 20 x 4-inch fatbike tires, and flexible coil shocks. Images courtesy Exotek

Powering the Exoquad, the 2WD version boasts two rear hub motors, each offering a substantial 190 Nm of torque, while the 4WD variant enhances its capabilities with an additional 600W motor on each of the front wheels. This setup is energized by a removable 48V/2.1-kWh lithium battery, supporting varied riding adventures. The 4WD model can be switched to 2WD mode for more efficient battery usage on less demanding terrains. Riders can expect a top speed of 6 km/h in 4WD mode and 15 km/h in 2WD mode, with the battery lasting between four to six hours on a single 7-hour charge.

All-terrain Exogravity Downhill Version
The Exogravity offers thrilling, motor-free downhill rides with its lightweight design.

For those with a penchant for downhill thrills, the Exoquad’s sibling, the Exogravity, offers a motor-free alternative. Lacking the motor and battery components, this variant relies on gravity for movement and is equipped with 24 x 2.3-inch Maxxis downhill tires. Weighing in at 49 kg, the Exogravity is also presented as a viable option for dogsledding.

For individuals interested in acquiring these models, the pricing is as follows: the 4WD Exoquad is available for €15,999 (approximately US$17,365), the 2WD version for €12,999 ($14,109), and the Exogravity for €7,199 ($7,814). The Exoquad series not only marks a significant advancement in mobility aids for the outdoors but also offers a promise of adventure and independence for wheelchair users eager to explore the world’s natural terrains.

All-terrain Exoquad 2wd and 4wd
The 2WD Exoquad comes with two 3.5-kW motors producing a solid 190 Nm of torque, while its 4WD counterpart includes extra 600W motors on the front wheels for increased power.

Source: Exotek

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