Morgan XP-1 Three-wheeler Prototype

Morgan’s electric evolution: Introducing the XP-1 three-wheeler prototype

Morgan, the esteemed British sports car manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards an electrified future with the unveiling of its latest electric prototype, the XP-1 three-wheeler. This move signifies Morgan’s ongoing commitment to electric vehicle (EV) technology, an initiative that began with the Plus E’s debut in 2012 and … Read more

SARIT Electric Three-wheeler

SARIT compact electric three-wheeler is a fresh spin on urban mobility

In an era when urban centers grapple with the twin challenges of congestion and parking, a novel solution hails from Canada—the SARIT. This compact electric three-wheeler, an acronym for Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport, is not merely a mode of transport; it’s a radical reimagining of urban mobility brought forth … Read more

Arcimoto Modular Utility Vehicle

Exploring the Arcimoto MUV electric three-wheeler

Arcimoto, an Oregon-based electric mobility company, has broadened its vehicle lineup with the introduction of the Modular Utility Vehicle (MUV), an innovative electric three-wheeler designed for a multitude of tasks, from food deliveries to groundskeeping. This unique vehicle, a diverse version of Arcimoto’s electric three-wheeler, symbolizes the company’s commitment to … Read more