SARIT compact electric three-wheeler is a fresh spin on urban mobility

In an era when urban centers grapple with the twin challenges of congestion and parking, a novel solution hails from Canada—the SARIT. This compact electric three-wheeler, an acronym for Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport, is not merely a mode of transport; it’s a radical reimagining of urban mobility brought forth by Frank Stronach, the founder of the automotive giant Magna International.

The quest to revolutionize urban transport has led to the establishment of a new factory north of Toronto, dedicated to the production of the SARIT. Resembling a small car, the SARIT is essentially an aluminum safety cage on three wheels, powered by a 96-Ah lithium-ion battery that promises an impressive 100 km range. This innovative vehicle is designed to integrate seamlessly into the urban landscape, charging from a standard 120-volt outlet in a mere four and a half hours.

Born from the congestion of city life, Stronach’s Micro-Mobility Revolution proposes a vehicle that could multiply parking efficiency by four, transforming one parking spot into four with the use of SARITs. The design of the SARIT is smart and functional: it accommodates two passengers in a motorcycle-like tandem arrangement and includes a small storage area at the back. The vehicle features removable doors, making for a convertible experience in good weather, while its heating capabilities promise a cozy cabin even in winter’s chill.

4 SARITs fit in a regular parking space, improving congestion and parking issues. Images courtesy SARIT

Performance-wise, the SARIT shines with its motorcycle-style handlebar controls, which include a twist throttle and handbrakes for the disc brakes on all three wheels. With a top speed of around 60 km/h—adjustable to meet local low-speed vehicle laws—the SARIT is also suitable for various institutional environments and is currently under trial at York University in Toronto.

Beyond its practicality, the SARIT promises a fun and agile ride. Its stability and maneuverability are standout features, especially in tight urban spaces. Those looking for a bit more can opt for additional features like a rearview camera and a stereo system.

SARIT features removable doors for an open-air ride tailored to your comfort.

While pricing has yet to be finalized, the SARIT is expected to enter the market at approximately $US6,500, which may seem steep compared to e-bikes but is justified by the inclusion of a safety cage and all-weather protection. Additionally, a more affordable version with a 75-km range will be made available. The company is also exploring innovative ownership models like leasing, vehicle-sharing, and even the concept of “SARIT Cafés” where organic food meets test drives.

The inaugural production run is set for this summer in Ontario, with an eye on expanding manufacturing to the U.S. in states like Florida, Texas, and California. Stronach is adamant about maintaining a cost-effective production model that relies on automation and local manufacturing, resisting the pull of outsourcing.

There’s a small storage compartment behind the seat.

In the pipeline is a four-wheeled SARIT variant designed for delivery and maintenance services, further showcasing the brand’s adaptability. Despite not being the first to enter the low-speed EV market, Stronach’s extensive experience in the automotive industry bolsters confidence in the SARIT’s potential.

The SARIT is envisioned as a supplementary transport option for short urban trips or commutes to public transit stations, rather than a car replacement. Its value proposition lies in its small footprint and its potential to alleviate the pressures of urban density.

As the future of city transport becomes ever more complex, the SARIT compact electric three-wheeler offers a glimpse of a more manageable urban life. Its ingenuity could very well position it as the nimble, eco-friendly, and space-saving answer to the question of sustainable urban mobility. With the SARIT, the future of urban transit looks not just feasible, but excitingly within reach.

The SARIT offers handlebar controls with a twist throttle and hand brakes for a pedal-free ride.

Source: SARIT

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