Surge S32 Electric Auto- rickshaw Detachable Scooter Hybrid

Surge S32 is a combo of an electric auto-rickshaw and a detachable scooter

In the bustling streets of urban landscapes, the Surge S32 emerges as a novel solution to the challenges of transportation, blending the utility of an auto-rickshaw with the agility of a scooter. This innovative vehicle, conceived by India’s Surge Automobiles, is a testament to the evolving dynamics of urban transit, … Read more

SARIT Electric Three-wheeler

SARIT compact electric three-wheeler is a fresh spin on urban mobility

In an era when urban centers grapple with the twin challenges of congestion and parking, a novel solution hails from Canada—the SARIT. This compact electric three-wheeler, an acronym for Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport, is not merely a mode of transport; it’s a radical reimagining of urban mobility brought forth … Read more

Veemo Semi-enclosed Three-wheeled Pedal-powered EV

Semi-enclosed, three-wheeled, pedal-powered EV

In the prevailing age where sustainability is not just preferred but essential, the Veemo SE Consumer Edition heralds a new era of innovative and environmentally-conscious urban mobility. Infused with the potent ENVO powertrain system motor, the Veemo SE, a remarkable semi-enclosed, pedal-electric vehicle, emerges from the crucible of rigorous research … Read more