Bionic Bird X-Fly: Next-gen remote-controlled biomimetic drone

In an era where technology and nature are increasingly intertwined, Bionic Bird has introduced a new addition to their collection of biomimetic drones, the X-Fly. This device stands out as a remarkable blend of natural mimicry and technological sophistication, offering a unique experience that resembles the flight of birds and insects. Let’s delve into the features, capabilities, and innovations that make the X-Fly a standout product in the world of recreational drones.

Design and Flight Capabilities

The X-Fly boasts an innovative design that replicates the flight patterns of birds and insects, offering users an immersive and organic flying experience. It’s equipped with a winged structure that enables it to soar by flapping its wings, akin to a real bird. With a wingspan of 16 inches, the X-Fly can reach speeds between three and 12 mph. The drone’s speed is adjusted not by faster wing flaps but by repositioning the tail angle, a feature that adds to its realistic bird-like behavior.

One of the key features of the X-Fly is its ability to perform aerial acrobatics and glide smoothly, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The drone’s flexible design includes a head that functions as a bumper and a resilient neck, allowing it to withstand head-on collisions. Elastic legs and an X-shaped structure provide additional durability, protecting the drone’s electronic components.

The X-Fly features a remarkable 16-inch wingspan, allowing it to glide through the air with the elegance and nimbleness akin to an actual bird. Images courtesy Bionic Bird

Technological Advancements

The X-Fly is equipped with sophisticated sensors, including a six-axis gyro and a G-sensor, which contribute to its flight assistance features. These sensors enable the drone to self-correct against wind disturbances and maintain a straight flight path, essential for stable and controlled flying. The drone also features stall protection to prevent stalling during oversteering, particularly useful in navigating through narrow spaces.

To enhance user engagement, the X-Fly can be controlled via a smartphone app available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app allows for Bluetooth-based commands within a range of 330 feet. For a more tactile experience, Bionic Bird offers an optional, attachable “X-Play” joystick, which clamps onto the smartphone, providing a physical control interface.

Improve your handling of the X-Fly using the optional X-Play joystick for a more precise and hands-on flying experience.

Battery Life and Customization

In terms of power, the X-Fly’s battery supports up to eight minutes of flight at maximum speeds, with the potential to extend up to 12 minutes at lower speeds. The drone features a swappable battery design, allowing for quick replacements and uninterrupted flight sessions. Additionally, the X-Fly can be customized with LED illumination plug-ins, offering a choice of colors to enhance the visual appeal and create dynamic shadows during flight.

Educational and Recreational Aspects

X-Fly is not just a recreational gadget; it also serves as an educational tool, offering insights into the science of biomimetic design. Its creator, Edwin Van Ruymbeke, an aeronautical engineer with a family history in mechanical bird inventions, designed the X-Fly as a successor to previous models like MetaBird and MetaFly. The drone’s design and functionality provide a hands-on learning experience in biology and engineering, making it an ideal tool for enthusiasts keen on understanding the intersection of these fields.

The X-Fly has an interchangeable battery, offering as much as 12 minutes of exciting flight at different speeds.

Pricing and Availability

The X-Fly launched on Kickstarter, with initial pledges starting at approximately €79 (about US$86). This pricing positions the X-Fly as an accessible option for those interested in experiencing biomimetic flight technology.


The Bionic Bird X-Fly represents a significant advancement in the field of biomimetic drones, combining natural flight dynamics with modern technology. Its unique design, user-friendly controls, and educational potential make it a compelling choice for drone enthusiasts and learners alike. As technology continues to evolve, the X-Fly stands as a testament to the possibilities that emerge when we harmonize technological innovation with the wonders of the natural world.

Source: Kickstarter

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