Canoo’s American Bulldog: Reinventing the Light Tactical Vehicle for civilian use

Canoo, a pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently unveiled its latest innovation: the American Bulldog. This new vehicle represents a significant pivot from military utility to civilian versatility. Originally developed as an all-electric Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) for the US Army, the American Bulldog has been reimagined to cater to more commonplace needs such as farming, ranching, and recreational activities like fishing.

The Transformation of a Military Vehicle

The American Bulldog is the civilian alter-ego of the “Screaming Eagle,” the nickname for Canoo’s military LTV. Retaining the adaptability of its military version, the Bulldog boasts a unique rear box whose walls can be folded down to form an open flatbed, making it a highly versatile e-transporter for both work and play. Additionally, it includes a roof rack, enhancing its cargo-carrying capabilities.

Design and Aesthetics

Canoo has given the Bulldog a distinct facial signature that sets it apart from the LTV and other Canoo models. The vehicle features horizontally oriented headlamps that maintain a subtle “T” layout, part of a more pronounced front-end design marked by dual parallel bars. This new look gives the Bulldog a more defined and rugged appearance.

The walls lowered, transforming into an open flatbed configuration.

The Bulldog outdoes its 2022 Screaming Eagle predecessor in terms of ruggedness. It showcases a sturdier front bumper and hints at a wider track beneath its sharply flared and angled fenders. The Bulldog’s body sports a honeycomb construction, though it’s unclear if this matches the carbon-Kevlar material used in the LTV.

Performance Features

Canoo hints at the Bulldog’s capabilities with options for 2- or 4-wheel drive and advanced steer- and brake-by-wire systems. While specific details are scarce, the military version’s 600-hp electric drive and air suspension system suggest the Bulldog’s potential for high performance. This design ethos reflects the “grit and resolve of the American people,” according to Canoo.

Equipped with an optional all-wheel electric drive, the American Bulldog is primed for off-roading.

Interior Design

The interior of the four-door Bulldog is surprisingly tactical, featuring MOLLE door panels and a full-width dashboard storage tray. An unconventional offset driver display is complemented by a central digital drive indicator, adding to the vehicle’s unique interior styling.

Interior of the Canoo American Bulldog.

Market Availability and Pricing

As of now, Canoo has not announced plans for mass production or pricing details for the American Bulldog. The vehicle’s future, beyond being showcased in picturesque settings like the Rocky Mountains, remains uncertain. However, the prospect of a compact, multi-functional flatbed electric utility vehicle like the American Bulldog is an exciting development in the EV market, promising a blend of military-grade durability with everyday practicality and eco-friendliness.

The Bulldog offers an expansive view of the environment through its extensive glasshouse.

Source: Canoo

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