D05 Electric Delivery Scooter: Bridging the gap in EV convenience

Electric vehicles (EVs) are steadily carving out their space in the transportation sector, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. However, despite their growing popularity, EVs are still facing significant hurdles in terms of range anxiety and charging times, which can deter potential users.

Addressing these concerns, Carota Design, a visionary company based in Hanoi, introduces the D05 Electric Delivery Scooter concept. This innovative solution not only challenges traditional charging methods but also proposes an automated battery-swapping system that could redefine how we view electric mobility, especially for delivery services.

The D05 scooter is designed with functionality at its core, tailored specifically for the rigors of last-mile delivery tasks. Its design is straightforward yet impactful, featuring a blockish appearance that not only accentuates its internal mechanisms but also provides ample storage space for deliveries.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept
The D05 Electric Delivery Scooter presents a groundbreaking method for EV charging, employing a robotic battery exchange system to transform urban delivery services. Images courtesy Carota Design

The scooter is equipped with a single seat and boasts a low-lying profile, which, combined with the weight of its base-mounted lithium-ion batteries, offers exceptional stability. Despite its utilitarian design, the D05 doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, showcasing a sleek interplay of silver and black, accented with vibrant lime green, and equipped with futuristic hubless wheels.

Automated battery-swapping: A leap towards efficiency

One of the most groundbreaking features of the D05 is its automated battery-swapping platform. Unlike conventional EVs that require manual recharging, the D05’s batteries are located at the base and can only be detached from underneath, making the swapping process both theft and tamper-proof.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

Users simply need to drive the scooter onto the designated platform, where an automated system takes over, replacing depleted batteries with fully charged ones in under a minute. This process not only eliminates the wait times associated with traditional charging but also ensures a safer and more efficient battery management system.

Technical and environmental considerations

While the concept of an automated battery-swapping system offers numerous advantages, it also brings forth certain challenges. The necessity for a vast number of batteries to maintain the swapping system introduces potential environmental concerns, given the resources required for battery production.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

Additionally, the question of battery health remains pertinent, as users might receive older batteries with reduced capacity, potentially compromising the scooter’s range and overall safety. These challenges underscore the need for a balanced approach, possibly integrating traditional charging methods with the innovative swapping system to provide a more reliable and sustainable solution.

Moving towards a hybrid future

The idea of combining charging and battery-swapping could pave the way for a more adaptable EV infrastructure. By offering users the option to either plug in their scooters for charging or utilize the quick and efficient swapping system, EV manufacturers could significantly reduce range anxiety and charging time concerns. Moreover, focusing on the recycling and proper management of older batteries could mitigate environmental impacts, ensuring a greener future for urban mobility.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

Pricing and market potential

As the D05 remains a concept, detailed pricing information is not available. However, the development of such technology would likely involve significant investment in both the scooters and the battery-swapping infrastructure. For the concept to be viable, it would need to offer competitive pricing while ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the service. If successfully brought to market, the D05 could revolutionize the delivery sector, providing a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional delivery methods.


The D05 Electric Delivery Scooter concept by Carota Design represents a significant step forward in addressing the key challenges facing electric vehicles today. By introducing an automated battery-swapping system, the D05 not only offers a solution to long charging times and range anxiety but also sets a new standard for convenience and efficiency in urban delivery services. As the EV industry continues to evolve, innovations like the D05 will be crucial in shaping a sustainable and efficient future for transportation, demonstrating that the obstacles to electric mobility can indeed be overcome with creativity and technology.

D05 Electric Delivery Scooter Concept

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