Ecocapsule NextGen: An enhanced evolution of the egg-shaped abode

The world of sustainable and compact living is once again abuzz with excitement as Ecocapsule, famed for their innovative egg-shaped off-grid dwellings, announces the forthcoming release of a more refined model – the Ecocapsule NextGen. Staying true to its roots, the NextGen preserves its iconic egg-like silhouette while offering a plethora of enhanced features and improvements.

At the forefront of these advancements is the NextGen’s increased dimensions. With a length slated to be 5.2 m (17 ft), it outmeasures its predecessor’s 4.67 m (15 ft). Even with this expanded footprint, the NextGen maintains its compact essence, setting it distinctively apart from many other tiny homes available.

Aesthetically, the novel double glass door is a departure from the original gull-wing design. This alteration does more than just add an aesthetic appeal; it simplifies the production process while simultaneously fostering a seamless connection between the dwelling’s interior and the external environment. And while the NextGen doesn’t come with built-in mobility, its design remains conducive to transportation via standard means like trucks and trailers.

The interior design of the NextGen showcases practical elegance. There’s a thoughtful redistribution of space, leading to increased storage areas and an added window. The main living space is versatile, featuring a sofa that effortlessly converts into a double bed and a space-saving retractable table. Adjacently located are the well-designed mini kitchen and bathroom.

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House Interior
The Ecocapsule NextGen introduces a refreshed interior layout, complete with upgraded furniture and extra storage solutions.

Efficiency isn’t limited to just space utilization. The production process of the NextGen has been revamped to ensure quicker assembly, allowing Ecocapsule to quadruple its monthly production from two to eight units. On the energy front, a beefed-up solar panel array is set to be incorporated, enhancing its self-sufficient energy capabilities when paired with the existing wind turbine and battery setup.

Feedback has been pivotal in shaping the NextGen. Customer insights from the original, sold-out Ecocapsule have been invaluable. Speaking on this evolution, Tomáš Žáček, Ecocapsule’s co-founder, stated, “Our passionate customer base has been instrumental in these innovations. Their feedback has not only empowered us to advance our designs but also to remain at the forefront of sustainable living solutions.” He particularly emphasized the addition of a panoramic window as a game-changer, designed to immerse occupants in nature.

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House Double Doors
Ecocapsule NextGen: Double glass doors for a wider, inviting entry and seamless connection to the outdoors.

While the air is thick with anticipation, production for the Ecocapsule NextGen is slated for a mid-2024 launch. The company has yet to release specifics on pricing or delivery timelines. Eco-living enthusiasts would do well to stay tuned for subsequent updates from Ecocapsule.

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House Production Timeline
Production for the Ecocapsule NextGen is set to commence in mid-2024.

Source: Ecocapsule

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