Seabike attaches to your body, propels you forward as you pedal

In the world of water sports and recreation, the SEABIKE series emerges as a compelling innovation designed to amplify the joy and ease of aquatic adventures. This range of portable water bikes, engineered with precision and care, introduces a fresh way to experience the water—be it a serene lake or the expansive sea. Let’s dive into the details and functionalities of the SEABIKE models, exploring how they redefine water travel and leisure.

The essence of SEABIKE

At the heart of the SEABIKE’s appeal is its simplicity and effectiveness. Users simply attach the water bike to their body using a belt, and as they pedal, the propeller activates, propelling them forward. This intuitive design grants complete freedom of movement, allowing for effortless traversal of both freshwater and saltwater expanses. The mechanical drive system underscores the device’s ease of use, requiring no electrical charging and emphasizing its portability and lightweight nature.

Introducing the SEABIKE 2.0

Priced at €290.00, the SEABIKE 2.0 serves as the entry point to the series. This model is particularly suited for those seeking to enjoy swimming across bodies of water or engaging in friendly competitions without the usual physical strain. Weighing in at 2.6 kg and measuring 550 x 170 x 170 mm in its package, the SEABIKE 2.0 is both light and compact, making it an ideal companion for various water-based activities.

Seabike Portable Water Bike Fresh and Salt Water
Pedaling the SEABIKE helps you travel across long distances in freshwater and saltwater alike. Images courtesy SEABIKE

The SEABIKE Pro: A step up

For those looking for an enhanced version with additional features, the SEABIKE Pro, available at €370.00, offers a more refined experience. This model boasts a reduced pontoon diameter for increased compactness and includes captive bolts to prevent loss during adjustments in the water. It also features a quick-release propeller for convenience and comes with a 650g ballast weight, allowing users to customize buoyancy for activities like snorkeling, diving, or swimming in a wetsuit. The SEABIKE Pro weighs 2.1 kg and has a reduction drive of 65 mm, emphasizing its portability and user-friendliness.

SEABIKE Premium: The ultimate experience

At the pinnacle of the series is the SEABIKE Premium, retailing for €590.00. This model is distinguished by its advanced materials, including light gear design and titanium connecting rods and shaft, reducing its weight to 1.9 kg. The SEABIKE Premium also features a quick-release propeller and a simple assembly process, catering to users of all ages. Its performance capabilities enable speeds up to 2.2 m/s (4.27 knots), and it is presented in a classy gift box, making it an extraordinary gift idea.

Seabike Portable Water Bike Mechanical Drive
The SEABIKE features a mechanical drive, eliminating the need for charging, and a lightweight, portable design for easy transport.

Beyond the models: SEABIKE’s extended offerings

The SEABIKE brand extends its impact beyond the individual models through unique experiences like the Seabike Snorkeling Tours. These tours offer a safe and accessible way to explore underwater worlds, even for those without prior snorkeling experience. Additionally, the Cannes Seabike Club provides opportunities for aquatic leisure activities while promoting the protection of the Mediterranean coastline, aligning adventure with environmental stewardship.

In conclusion

The SEABIKE series stands as a testament to innovative engineering and a deep understanding of what makes water recreation enjoyable and accessible. With models ranging from the basic SEABIKE 2.0 to the luxurious SEABIKE Premium, there is a SEABIKE for every type of water enthusiast. Whether it’s for leisure, exploration, or competitive fun, SEABIKE offers a new dimension to aquatic activities, making every journey across the water a memorable adventure.

Seabike Portable Water Bike Cannes Snorkeling Tour
SEABIKE’s snorkeling tours invite adventurers to discover the underwater marvels and scenic allure of the Cannes coastline.


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