Exploring the Flowcamper Fellschnute Dog Van: A canine-friendly RV

Flowcamper, a German company renowned for its innovative and functional camper vans, has recently unveiled the Fellschnute Dog Van, a vehicle tailored to enhance the travel experience for both dogs and their owners. The Fellschnute Dog Van, based on the VW T6.1, is a testament to Flowcamper’s commitment to creating unique and practical travel solutions.

History and evolution

Flowcamper has a history of producing distinctive campers, from its original psychedelic V-dub to its wood cabin Sprinter transformation. The Dog Van is a continuation of this innovative trend, focusing more on canine needs than previous models. It follows in the footsteps of the Dogscamper, developed by Flowcamper’s former affiliate, Terracamper, and represents an evolved and refined version of this concept.

Design and features

Flowcamper broadens its unique range by introducing the Fellschnute Dog Van to its collection. Images courtesy Flowcamper

At the heart of the Dog Van’s design is a modular floor rail system, a feature common in several Flowcamper products. This system is utilized to create separate areas for dogs and humans within the van. For dogs, Flowcamper offers a customizable space through a series of different-sized panels. The maximum volume of the dog area is 43 x 51 x 30 inches (109 x 130 x 75 cm), which is significantly larger than traditional dog crates, providing ample space for movement and comfort.

Flowcamper utilizes floor and wall rails to design a versatile interior for both dogs and owners.

Unique to the Dog Van is the presence of interior and tailgate-facing doors, facilitating easy access for dogs to enter and exit the vehicle. The van is designed to accommodate one to four dogs, depending on the final layout of the kennel area. Additionally, the van can carry two to five human occupants during travel and sleep two overnight in a fold-out bed above the kennel and rear seats. An optional pop-up roof adds sleeping space for two more people.

Human and canine amenities

The van’s design includes a dual-function sideboard along the driver’s side wall. This houses an 18-liter fresh water system that serves both the kitchen and rear hookups. The hand shower, which can be used for various purposes including washing dishes and spraying down dogs, is a versatile addition.

The Flowcamper Dog Van can accommodate sleeping arrangements for up to four individuals and/or four dogs.

The kitchen area is compact yet functional, with a dual-burner gas stove, a 30-liter compressor fridge/freezer, and a utensil drawer. These amenities ensure that both human and canine needs are catered to during travel.

For hotter days, Flowcamper offers a portable air conditioner to keep pets cool. This system, designed to lower the crate area’s temperature by about 15 degrees, operates on a 400-watt solar charging system to conserve power.

Pricing and configuration options

The handheld sprayer in the Flowcamper Dog Van effortlessly transitions from the kitchen sink to the tailgate wash area.

Flowcamper offers the Fellschnute Dog Van in three configurations: a €70,900 base model (approximately US$77,775), a mid-level version at €73,900, and a 4Motion AWD variant priced at €80,900 (around $88,745). These prices are based on the specifications of the VW T6.1 base van and include the human-ready camping hardware. However, the dog area customization is not included in this pricing, as it is tailored to individual customer specifications. Flowcamper encourages potential buyers to contact them directly for detailed layouts and pricing.


The air conditioner in the Flowcamper Dog Van, while simple in design, effectively keeps dogs cool and comfortable.

The Flowcamper Fellschnute Dog Van is a unique offering in the RV market, specifically catering to the needs of canine companions and their owners. With its customizable dog area, human-friendly amenities, and thoughtful design, the Dog Van stands out as a practical solution for pet owners who love to travel. While the pricing may vary based on customization, the base models provide a solid foundation for a comfortable and enjoyable journey for both dogs and their human companions. This RV represents a significant step in accommodating the needs of pets in travel design, making it a noteworthy addition to Flowcamper’s lineup of innovative camper vans.

Source: Flowcamper

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