Life Cube offers an inflatable camping micro-cabin for truck and lake

The realm of outdoor camping has been revolutionized with the introduction of the Life Cube LC-8, a versatile inflatable tent designed for truck, ground, and water use. This unique offering by California-based Life Cube Inc., a company known for its rugged, air drop-grade emergency shelters since 2006, marks a significant transition from tactical and emergency applications to recreational outdoor activities.

Life Cube’s journey began with the LC-12, a self-contained shipping container that transforms into a 12 x 12-foot raised floor shelter, primarily intended for disaster relief and military operations. However, the company recognized the potential in the recreational market, leading to the introduction of the LC-8, also known as the “Best Truck Tent.”

The LC-8 is a scaled-down version of its predecessor, designed for everyday consumers. Weighing just under 100 pounds and divided into two carry bags, it fits easily in a car trunk, pickup bed, or SUV. This portability is one of its key features, making it accessible for a broad range of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Life Cube LC-8 neatly packs into your car trunk, ready for your next adventure. Images courtesy Life Cube

Setting up the LC-8 is a breeze, with an estimated 10-minute setup time using a 12-V inflator. It features a drop-stitch base that inflates to form a stable foundation and an inflatable tent body that straps down to the base. The tent offers an 8 x 7-foot floor space beneath a 6.5-foot-high roof, providing ample room for up to six people. The robust construction, with large-diameter air tubes, ensures durability, and the tent is even capable of handling snow loads.

One of the LC-8’s unique selling points is its versatility. It can be pitched on the ground, but it’s also designed to set up on top of a pickup truck bed. Its inflated base serves as a stable platform, and the tent can strap down to the truck, allowing cargo to remain in the bed. This feature sets it apart from simpler in-bed pickup truck tent designs.

The LC-8 offers an on-water camping option.

For water enthusiasts, the LC-8 offers an entirely different experience. It can be tied to a dock or tree and used as a floating base camp on a lake. The detachable base also doubles as a sundeck on the water, adding to its versatility.

The LC-8 distinguishes itself from other rooftop and non-floating inflatable vehicle tents by its ability to set up atop the pickup bed and not the roof. Its six-person capacity is also notable, exceeding that of most rooftop tents on the market.

Lightweight at just under 100 lbs, the Life Cube LC-8 is easily carried, making setup a breeze.

Life Cube launched the LC-8 during this year’s Overland Expo tour, priced at $2,750. While it’s more expensive than typical inflatable ground tents or non-inflatable truck bed tents, its price aligns more with rooftop tents and floating tents. The tent’s size, heavy-duty military-derived design, and versatility make it an intriguing option for those looking for a multi-functional vehicle-to-ground-to-water tent.

In conclusion, the Life Cube LC-8 tent represents a significant innovation in the world of outdoor camping. Its unique ability to function as a truck bed tent, ground tent, and floating water tent, combined with its ease of setup and robust construction, makes it a noteworthy option for campers, hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. While the pricing is on the higher end, the LC-8’s versatility and durability could justify the investment for those seeking a multi-purpose, all-terrain camping solution.

Displayed here is the Life Cube LC-12 emergency shelter, presented both in its unfolded state and compactly packaged.

Source: Life Cube

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