SylvanSport GOAT off-road micro-camping exo-trailer

SylvanSport, a company renowned for pushing the boundaries of camping and outdoor adventure, commemorates its 20th anniversary with the introduction of the GOAT, an off-road micro-camping exo-trailer designed to take you where no road goes. The GOAT, which stands for “GO All-Terrain,” is not just an addition to the company’s lineup but a significant upgrade on the traditional concept of tiny trailers for off-grid camping.

Off-road readiness

The GOAT differentiates itself from the outset with a design tailored for the untamed wilderness. At 13.2 feet long and equipped with Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires mounted on Vision steel wheels, this trailer is built to tackle rugged terrains. Its Timbren HD Axle-Less suspension system not only absorbs the shocks of off-road travel but raises the ground clearance to a formidable 18 inches, enhancing its capability to navigate obstacles with ease. An optional articulating coupler further smooths the journey, making the GOAT a reliable companion for the road less traveled.

Rugged construction

SylvanSport has meticulously engineered the GOAT to endure the challenges of the wild. The trailer’s bed box, reinforced with a 4 x 7-foot diamond-plated floor and aluminum side panels, is ready for gear mounting, accommodating everything from Rotopax canisters to traction boards and propane cylinders. This rugged construction ensures that the GOAT can safely carry essential supplies and equipment across the most demanding landscapes.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Roof Lifted
Lift the GOAT’s roof higher to make room for bigger items, like ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, among others. Images courtesy SylvanSport

Versatile design

The GOAT continues SylvanSport’s legacy of multifunctionality with its aluminum chassis and exoskeleton, maintaining a lightweight profile of 1,200 pounds while supporting a payload of 950 pounds. This design choice ensures compatibility with a wide range of tow vehicles. The exo-frame’s versatility shines through its ability to carry an array of adventure gear, from bikes and kayaks to ATVs and motorcycles, thanks to its adjustable height.

Chief Engineer Brandon Miller emphasizes the GOAT’s dual capability, highlighting its extensive off-road testing and its unparalleled utility. Whether it’s for hauling motos, ATVs, or building supplies, the GOAT stands out as a multifunctional tool for adventurers and professionals alike.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Offroad Specs
Major enhancements feature all-terrain tires, steel wheels, a higher ground clearance, and Timbren’s specialized off-road suspension system.

Camping comforts

In its camping configuration, the GOAT transforms into a cozy retreat. The aluminum exoskeleton extends to form the frame for a deployable tent, creating a four-sleeper camper with two 34 x 80-inch beds that can merge into a super-king size. The central area provides 6.4 feet of headroom, and a detachable table converts the space into a dining area. Although the trailer lacks built-in cooking or bathroom facilities, SylvanSport offers standalone units and an “Off Grid” package that includes a kitchen, privacy tent, portable toilet, and more, ensuring comfort in the wilderness.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Tent Setup
The SylvanSport GOAT, equipped with its tent, is all set for camping.

Pricing and packages

SylvanSport has launched the GOAT in three trims to cater to a range of preferences and budgets. The entry-level variant is priced at $18,495, providing the core features that define the GOAT’s appeal. For those seeking additional amenities, the “BIG” package at $19,995 includes extras like a full-size spare tire and awning. The premium “All Out” package, at $21,995, encompasses everything in the BIG package plus a standalone outdoor kitchen, screen room, solar kit, and more, offering the ultimate off-grid camping experience.

SylvanSport GOAT Trailer Dining
Savor dining in the GOAT, thanks to its easily removable table configuration.

Source: SylvanSport

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