Semi-enclosed, three-wheeled, pedal-powered EV

In the prevailing age where sustainability is not just preferred but essential, the Veemo SE Consumer Edition heralds a new era of innovative and environmentally-conscious urban mobility. Infused with the potent ENVO powertrain system motor, the Veemo SE, a remarkable semi-enclosed, pedal-electric vehicle, emerges from the crucible of rigorous research and development. It presents itself as not merely a vehicle, but a unique and practical embodiment of modern utility, harmonizing seamlessly with the ever-evolving urban terrains.

The Veemo SE exhibits an extraordinary fusion of aesthetic grace and pragmatic functionality, promising consistent and efficient transportation from start to finish. An ingenious amalgamation of manual pedaling and electric power propels this zero-emission marvel, providing an economical transit solution that substantially reduces commuting expenses.

Characterized by its Full-Power Ride Mode, Veemo redefines the commuting experience, ensuring each journey—be it a brief errand or a daily work commute—is conducted with optimal smoothness, reliability, and a profound regard for the environment. A spacious cargo capacity of 60 liters simplifies the transportation of various essentials, enhancing convenience and practicality.

Veemo’s ePod enclosure acts as a shield against the elements, ensuring a comfortable ride in rain or shine, while keeping both rider and cargo protected. Images courtesy Veemo

Veemo SE transcends traditional commuting limitations, ensuring that every ride is a refreshing and comfortable experience. It promotes an active lifestyle, enabling riders to engage in light exercise while commuting without the customary discomfort or sweat, making each day’s beginning revitalizing.

Promoting a significant reduction in carbon footprints, Veemo embodies a futuristic vision of transportation that melds swift commuting with sustainable practices. Its intelligent design features, like the electric motor assist and a variable rear hub, autonomously adapt gear shifts in alignment with the rider’s style and the road’s demands. This allows for a more dynamic and adaptable ride, capable of navigating diverse urban landscapes with enhanced battery optimization.

Unlock convenience with Veemo’s generous 60-liter onboard cargo space, designed for effortless commuting and essential storage.

Designed with acute attention to user comfort and accessibility, Veemo mimics the agility and familiarity of a bicycle but fortified with the stability of a tri-wheeled architecture. Its compact design ensures compatibility with most bike lanes, enhancing the flexibility and practicality of urban commuting.

Veemo’s design is heavily inclined towards user safety and protection. Enhanced features such as the ePod enclosure guard against the unpredictability of weather, ensuring a comfortable ride in various conditions. With a robust battery offering a range of up to 70km/43 miles per charge, and the convenience of recharging through standard electrical outlets, Veemo embodies efficiency and practicality.

Navigate your journey with Veemo’s intuitive panel displaying battery status and ride metrics, complete with a dedicated space for your mobile phone.

Safety considerations are paramount in Veemo’s construction, integrating automotive-grade features such as dual LED headlights, turn signals, and a comprehensive suite of additional features, emphasizing rider visibility and protection during commutes.

For those interested in embracing this fusion of innovation and sustainability, the base model of Veemo SE is priced at $7,999 CAD, a value that is subject to variations. According to company projections, the Veemo SE is set to be available for consumers from April 2024, with an option to pre-order by placing a deposit of $184 CAD.

Onboard safety equipment includes dual LED headlights, turn signals, roll bar, side mirrors, LED tail lights, windshield wiper & hydraulic disc brakes.

Source: Veemo

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