Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper: A new player in the overland and van life scene

In the ever-evolving world of overland and van life adventures, a new entrant is making waves – the Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper by Terracamper. This vehicle is not just any ordinary camper; it is an innovative micro-camping platform built on the robust foundation of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a vehicle known for its off-road prowess. This review delves into the features, capabilities, and pricing of the Tecrawl, positioning it in the current market of adventure vehicles.

The Rise of the G-Camper

While the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has long been the go-to choice for American overlanders and van lifers, the G-Camper offers a refreshing alternative. The G-Class, on which the Tecrawl is based, is a symbol of luxury and off-road capability. Priced above $140,000 in the U.S., the G-Class is more expensive than even the base Range Rover, but for a good reason. It boasts a body-on-frame construction, three locking differentials, a substantial 9.5-inch ground clearance, and the ability to wade through 27.5 inches of water. It can also handle 45-degree slopes, making it an ideal candidate for a rugged camper conversion.

Tecrawl’s Unique Design

Unlike other camper conversions that attach a motorhome module to the vehicle’s rear chassis, Terracamper has taken a different approach with the Tecrawl. They have integrated most of the camping equipment directly into the factory cabin of the G-Wagen. This design choice results in a simpler package, reminiscent of the Ququq G-Box, yet distinct in its execution.

Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper masters tough landscapes, highlighting its off-road capabilities and design for adventure. Images courtesy Terracamper

The Tecrawl’s interior layout is both functional and compact. It features a passenger-side sofa opposite a flip-up dining table/desk. The sofa converts into a solo bed, complementing the two-person hardshell rooftop tent. This arrangement comfortably accommodates up to three people. The vehicle’s rear passenger seat remains intact, ensuring ease of travel to and from campsites.

Camper Features and Amenities

The Tecrawl’s camping modules replace the remaining rear seating and include kitchen equipment, electrical hardware, and storage space. The kitchen, located at the driver-side rear door, features a portable dual-burner gas stove, pantry, and foldaway worktop. A 31-liter compressor fridge box, accessible from both inside and outside, is conveniently placed in the rear driver-side corner.

The Tecrawl features a layout for two or three people with a sofa on one side and a foldable dining table/desk on the other.

In addition to the kitchen setup, the Tecrawl has a pressurized water system with a 20-liter fresh water canister and an optional “Xtreme Pott” portable dry separating toilet. The indoor space, though smaller than traditional camper vans, is effectively augmented by the rooftop tent and outdoor space under a 270-degree awning, creating a versatile base camp.

Optional Upgrades and Compatibility

Terracamper offers several optional upgrades to enhance comfort and functionality. These include thermal insulation, an auxiliary air heater, a full electrical system with a 150-Ah lithium battery and solar charging, and interior LED lighting. Starting at €11,000 (approximately $11,900), the Tecrawl conversion package is compatible with five-door G-Class models from 2018 onwards.

Exploring the functional kitchen setup and convenient fridge access through the rear window.

Room for Improvement

While the Tecrawl offers a comprehensive set of features, there is potential for further enhancements. One such improvement could be the addition of a pop-up roof option. This would increase interior headroom and provide seamless movement between the lounge, upper bed, and driver’s cab without needing to exit the vehicle. Although Terracamper currently only offers the rooftop tent option, its other models, such as the VW T6.1 Terock and Tecamp vans, include two pop-up roof choices.


The sofa converts into a solo bed for one, complemented by a two-person pop-up rooftop tent.

The Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper by Terracamper is a compelling new option for those seeking an adventure-ready, off-road capable micro-camper. Its unique integration of camping amenities into the luxurious and rugged G-Class chassis sets it apart in the market. With its range of features and optional upgrades, the Tecrawl is positioned to be a favorite among overlanders and van lifers looking for a small, yet capable, outdoor exploration vehicle. As the van life culture continues to grow, the Tecrawl represents a noteworthy addition to the array of choices available to enthusiasts.

Source: Terracamper

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