VanMe’s Bobo: The ultimate blend of camper and cargo functionality

The camping and outdoor recreation landscape is a dynamic one, ever-evolving and expanding. Versatility is now a buzzword, and catering to this demand is the German camper powerhouse, VanMe. Renowned for their sleek camper vans, VanMe’s recent innovation promises to redefine the camping trailer market.

Meet the Bobo, VanMe’s transformative cargo trailer. In stark contrast to the conventional trailers with rigid interiors, the Bobo is a masterclass in flexibility. Its interior is essentially a canvas that allows users to paint their camping narrative using VanMe’s custom-designed camping modules. Furthermore, the exterior is nothing short of ingenious, equipped with tie-down tracks for mounting additional gear, and a top rack perfect for either extra cargo or a rooftop tent. When the weekend retreat is over, the Bobo can effortlessly revert to its avatar as a weekday cargo trailer.

At its heart, the Bobo is an 873-lb (396-kg) trailer, fitted with robust off-road tires positioned beneath handy step-on fenders. Accessibility has been at the forefront of VanMe’s design philosophy, evident in the full-size swinging tailgate. The hinged roof, assisted by gas struts, is an added bonus, catering to the transportation of bulkier items. With a payload capacity of 1,323 lb (600 kg), it certainly punches above its weight.

Price-wise, the 10.1-ft (3.1-m) version of Bobo is pegged at €4,969 (roughly $5,300). For those seeking a bit more space, the 12.5-ft (3.8-m) XL variant is available for €7,049 ($7,520).

Five modules of the VanMe Bobo camping trailer.
To transform the Bobo into an expansive camper, VanMe designed five modules that mount and stack inside.

For the camping aficionados who envision the Bobo as their ultimate outdoor companion, VanMe offers five impeccably designed interior modules. The inaugural module is a slide-out kitchenette, pairing with the side drop-down door to offer an expansive outdoor culinary workspace. Though users would furnish their cooking tools, there’s no dearth of storage space.

Module two is the power dynamo of the lot. It’s essentially a powerhouse that flaunts a 100-Ah lithium battery, further complemented by amenities like a Victron inverter/charger, a 20-A charging booster, and a bevy of electrical outlets, ensuring your gadgets never run out of juice.

Module 2 of the VanMe Bobo camping trailer.
Module 2: A custom-built power hub for the Bobo, complete with a 100-Ah lithium battery, Victron inverter/charger, and accessible outdoor outlets.

Modules three through five elevate the storage game. The third, whimsically termed the “underground parking garage,” is an ingenious storage solution. While the fourth module hydrates with its dual 20-L water canisters, the fifth ensures your food remains fresh in a 50-L fridge/freezer.

What’s commendable is the plug-and-play nature of these modules. They’re a breeze to install and equally straightforward to detach, epitomizing flexibility.

Module 5 of the VanMe Bobo camping trailer.
Module 5 is a slide-out designed to house a 50-L fridge/freezer and either a portable grill or a standard European storage box.

For campers with an inclination for longer sojourns, VanMe offers the Maggiolina hardshell rooftop tent, providing a generous 51 x 91-in (130 x 230-cm) sleeping haven. A deployable shower room is an optional luxury, ensuring that campers don’t miss out on any comfort.

Bobo’s modularity is its unique selling point, a feature that distinguishes it from peers like the Blackcamp Freeda. The exterior, too, is a canvas for personalization, accommodating a range of accessories, from tables to speaker mounts, all thanks to the versatile tie-down track.

Meal preparation is easy with the VanMe Bobo trailer.
The Bobo trailer offers the layout and structure for crafting a fine dining experience.

For those who fancy the full Bobo experience, the base model equipped with all five modules retails at €11,999 ($12,805). The more spacious XL model will set you back by €13,499 ($14,405). Several add-ons are available, including the Maggiolina tent at €3,793, a side awning priced at €389, a roof vent for €699, and a 200-W solar charging kit for €599.

Source: VanMe

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