Autonomous electric road sweeper cleans 1 million square feet of road per charge

In the ongoing effort to maintain clean and safe urban environments, the role of technology has become increasingly significant. One of the latest advancements comes from WeRide, a company founded in 2017 by an expert from Baidu’s autonomous driving lab. With the introduction of the Robosweeper S1, WeRide aims to redefine urban sanitation through automation.

WeRide is no stranger to the autonomous vehicle space, having previously introduced Level 4 (L4) self-driving robotaxis, a robobus, and a robovan. The company operates globally, with centers in Silicon Valley, the UAE, Singapore, and China. While autonomous vehicles have been gaining ground worldwide, they are particularly prevalent in China, partly due to the efforts of companies like AutoX, Baidu, and now WeRide.

In early 2022, WeRide announced the development of an autonomous road sweeper, marking a significant step towards automating urban cleanliness. Following the S6 model, WeRide has now launched the Robosweeper S1. This new model is a compact, electric vehicle designed to clean both wet and dry debris from various outdoor spaces such as parks, sidewalks, greenways, river banks, and traffic lanes. Its small size and advanced navigation capabilities allow it to work efficiently alongside human crews or independently, day or night.

WeRide Robosweeper S1 Collaborates with Humans
The Robosweeper S1 emerges as the pioneering Level 4 autonomous sanitation vehicle, functioning seamlessly alongside human crews or independently. Images courtesy WeRide

The Robosweeper S1 is characterized by its length of 2,570 mm (excluding the front brushes) and a minimal turning circle of 2.7 m, enhancing its maneuverability in tight urban spaces. The vehicle is built on WeRide’s proven autonomous driving platform, equipped with 360-degree sensors and cameras for comprehensive situational awareness. Features such as blind-spot detection, traffic signal recognition, and obstacle avoidance ensure the S1 operates safely and effectively in complex urban environments.

One of the most impressive features of the Robosweeper S1 is its efficiency, with a single charge of its battery bank covering a cleaning area of 120,000 m2 (approximately 1.3 million sq ft). The vehicle is equipped with a 400-liter water tank and a 240-liter trash bin, capable of autonomously offloading waste at designated points and returning to base for water or battery recharging.

WeRide Robosweeper S1 and S6
The collaboration between WeRide Robosweeper S1 and S6.

The commercial launch of the Robosweeper S1 in Guangzhou signifies the beginning of widespread deployment of this autonomous sanitation technology. WeRide has already secured several contracts for the S1, indicating strong market interest and confidence in the product’s capabilities.

Source: WeRide

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