10-seat autonomous Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle for city travel

The landscape of urban transportation is undergoing a transformative shift with the advent of autonomous vehicles, leading the charge towards greener and more efficient ways to travel. The Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle represents a significant step forward in this evolution, embodying a breakthrough in the integration of electric and autonomous technologies for city transportation. This piece aims to delve into the Auto-Shuttle’s design, its trials across various cities, and its potential impact on the future of public transportation, with a focus on its operational capabilities and effectiveness in different environments.

Introduction to the Auto-Shuttle

The Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle is heralded as the first of its kind, a vehicle designed from the ground up to combine electric power with the option of autonomous or manual driving. Equipped with a 30bhp electric motor, the shuttle can reach speeds of 30mph and has a range that surpasses 120 miles.

With seating for ten passengers, it marks a versatile solution for urban mobility, legally approved for road use and crafted to serve both densely populated urban areas and regions lacking in efficient public transport options. Its deployment aims to streamline passenger movement in places ranging from city centers to airports, enhancing access to shopping centers, care facilities, and cultural heritage sites.

Fully-Autonomous-Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle Celtic Manor PGA Tour Event
At the Wales Open in July 2021, some of the world’s best golfers swapped their buggies for the Auto-Shuttle, pioneering the use of driverless transport in a major sporting event. Images courtesy Aurrigo

Key advantages and innovations

The Auto-Shuttle is celebrated for its comprehensive set of features that promise to redefine urban transport. It provides an indispensable service for various city dwellers, from shift workers to leisure seekers, setting a global precedent for public transport efficiency. Its autonomous functionality not only ensures a safer journey for all but also presents significant savings on labor costs, negating the need for a human driver.

The shuttle’s technological suite, including five LIDAR sensors and seven cameras, offers a 360-degree perspective, facilitating unparalleled navigation accuracy and safety standards.

Fully Autonomous Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle Interior
Interior of the Auto-Shuttle.

Trials across Europe: Expanding horizons

The Auto-Shuttle’s capabilities were put to the test in Milton Keynes in November 2023, as part of the LivingLAPT project led by UCL and funded by EIT Urban Mobility. This trial represented a milestone in assessing autonomous shuttles within complex urban environments, with the shuttle successfully completing a loop of the city center. Prior to Milton Keynes, the shuttle was also trialed in several European cities, including Prague, Brno, Helmond, Hasselt, Kongberg, and Ricany, each adding valuable data and experience to the development of autonomous public transport systems.

Fully Autonomous Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle Milton Keynes Trials
Milton Keynes was selected to trial the self-driving Auto-Shuttle as part of the Europe-wide LivingLAPT research project.

These trials not only demonstrated the shuttle’s operational viability but also highlighted the commitment of cities like Milton Keynes to foster sustainable technological advancements. The feedback and insights gathered from these tests are instrumental in refining the shuttle’s service to meet the evolving needs of passengers, with a focus on safety, reliability, and user trust.

Looking forward: Shaping the future of mobility

The Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle stands as a symbol of what the future holds for urban transportation: a blend of sustainability, safety, and cutting-edge technology. Its trials and ongoing research into autonomous vehicle deployment in real-world scenarios offer a preview of how these innovations could revolutionize public transport. As cities grow and the demand for efficient, eco-friendly transport options increases, the Auto-Shuttle positions itself as a key player in the next generation of urban mobility.

Fully Autonomous Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle Prague Trials
The Auto-Shuttle embarks on its Prague trial.

With its innovative approach and proven track record in cities across Europe, the Aurrigo Auto-Shuttle is paving the way for a future where autonomous vehicles are at the core of urban transportation solutions, offering insights and advancements that promise to enhance the fabric of city living worldwide.

Source: Aurrigo

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