Exploring the innovative Dwell Shell: A hard-sided pickup camper

The realm of pickup campers has witnessed significant innovation and expansion over the years, largely driven by startups. However, the entry of AntiShanty, a Utah-based overland RV specialist, into this market marks a notable development. Their latest offering, the Dwell Shell, stands out as a testament to their expertise in creating versatile, rugged camping solutions.

AntiShanty, known for its unique trailers and hard-walled rooftop tents, has now introduced the Dwell Shell, a four-season, hard-walled truck camping shell. This product is designed to endure various conditions, from regions frequented by grizzly bears to snowy landscapes. The Dwell Shell epitomizes the company’s ethos of combining the utility of a truck with the comfort of a cabin, a theme consistent across their product range, which includes boxy toy-hauling camping trailers and a rooftop tent that doubles as a cargo box.

A distinguishing feature of the Dwell Shell is its wall design. Unlike other hard-sided pop-tops that use multi-panel origami walls, the Dwell Shell employs triangular single-panel sidewalls and a rectangular rear wall. These walls fold up and secure inside the roof during transit and easily swing into place at the campsite, supporting the wedge roof. This design not only simplifies setup but also enables large gull-wing-style hatch doors on all three sides, offering an open, cabana-like experience for outdoor living. The right and left side hatches also feature openable windows for ventilation.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Hatches
The rooftop sleeper’s wide hatches on all sides offer panoramic views and ample ventilation, with easy internal closing and locking. Images courtesy AntiShanty

The shell’s insulated aluminum walls offer superior weather protection compared to canvas pop-ups. This design feature is particularly advantageous in areas with soft-sided camping bans, such as certain campgrounds in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, where hard-sided accommodations are required due to bear activity. The Dwell Shell’s hard walls make it compliant with these regulations, providing a safe and secure camping option.

Inside, the Dwell Shell boasts an ample sleeping area measuring 86 x 53 inches, accommodating two adults and a child or pet comfortably. The sleeping platform includes a carpeted foam top for insulation and comfort, enhanced by a premium mattress. The multi-piece platform design allows for easy access in and out of the pickup bed without disturbing fellow campers. AntiShanty also offers the option of using a ladder through one of the side hatches for added convenience.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Truck Types
AntiShanty provides the Dwell Shell, compatible with a range of midsize and full-size pickup trucks.

Standard features of the Dwell Shell include roof rails for additional cargo, interior and exterior hatch door handles/locks for security, and a base weight of 380 pounds, making it competitive in the hard-sided topper market. The product’s design and features demonstrate AntiShanty’s understanding of the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and their commitment to providing practical, comfortable camping solutions.

To further enhance the camping experience, AntiShanty offers a range of accessories for the Dwell Shell. These include an electrical package with a power station and three tent/hatch door lights, interior/exterior-access MOLLE panels for gear organization, coat hooks, interior hatch storage cabinets, a roof fan, and a solar panel. These additions transform the Dwell Shell from a basic camper shell to a more home-like, functional camping abode.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Weight
The Dwell Shell boasts a sleek, low-profile build and has a weight starting at 380 pounds.

The Dwell Shell is priced at US$14,900 before options. Currently, AntiShanty is offering a significant $3,000 discount for customers who are the first to order the shell for their specific truck model and bed size. This pricing strategy not only makes the Dwell Shell a more attractive option for potential buyers but also reflects AntiShanty’s commitment to adapting their products to a wide range of trucks, ensuring a broader reach in the market.

In conclusion, the Dwell Shell by AntiShanty is a significant advancement in the field of pickup campers. Its innovative design, robust construction, and thoughtful features make it a compelling option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile, comfortable camping solution. With its competitive pricing and customization options, the Dwell Shell is poised to make a notable impact in the overland camping market.

AntiShanty Dwell Shell Hard-sided Pickup Camper Folding
Collapsing the walls of the Dwell Shell for disassembly and travel.

Source: AntiShanty

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