Wheely-X: Home-based cardio and performance trainer for wheelchair users

In the realm of fitness, various equipment like treadmills, rollers, and rowing machines have long catered to runners, cyclists, and rowers respectively. However, one group that has been notably underserved is wheelchair users. This gap in the fitness market is now being addressed by the Wheely-X, a unique piece of equipment designed specifically for wheelchair users. Created by the Korean company Kangsters, the Wheely-X marks a significant step in making fitness activities more accessible and inclusive.

The Wheely-X is a testament to innovative engineering, comprising two sets of steel rollers and aluminum ramps. These components are linked together to form a dual roller/ramp system, positioned side by side. The design is intuitive and user-friendly: a wheelchair user simply backs up their chair onto the ramps, positioning each wheel on a set of rollers, and then secures the chair with safety straps. This setup ensures stability and safety during the workout.

A standout feature of the Wheely-X is its interactive, gamified training application, reminiscent of the popular Zwift app. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android tablets and connects via Bluetooth. It’s not just an ordinary fitness app; it’s an immersive experience. Sensors on the rollers track the speed of each wheel, translating the user’s physical movements into the movements of an avatar within the app. This not only makes the workout more engaging but also provides valuable feedback, alerting users if they are exerting more force on one side, thereby encouraging balanced training.

Two users engage in a competitive race using the Wheely-X app. Images courtesy Kangster

Moreover, the app includes features for guided exercise routines, fitness progress reports, and the ability to record metrics for multiple users. This makes the Wheely-X not just a personal fitness device but also a potential asset in group settings or rehabilitation centers.

For users seeking to increase the intensity of their workouts, the Wheely-X comes equipped with additional weights that can be attached to the ends of the rollers, allowing for adjustable resistance levels. Despite these robust features, the Wheely-X is relatively lightweight, weighing in at 61 lb (28 kg), and can support a maximum weight of 330 lb (150 kg), accommodating a wide range of users.

For added workout intensity, users can easily affix included weights to the exterior ends of each roller set.

Since its launch, the Wheely-X has seen substantial adoption, currently in use in over 50 facilities worldwide. This indicates a growing recognition of the need for such specialized fitness equipment. For those interested in purchasing the Wheely-X, it is available on the Kangsters website for US$2,595. While the price point may be a consideration, the benefits it offers in terms of health, mobility, and quality of life make it a worthwhile investment for individuals and facilities alike.

In conclusion, the Wheely-X represents a significant advancement in fitness equipment, catering specifically to the needs of wheelchair users. Its innovative design, interactive app, and versatile features not only offer a solution to an underserved group but also pave the way for more inclusive and accessible fitness options in the future.

The Wheely-X system includes two vertical handles, functioning as hand brakes for complete control.

Source: Wheely-X

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