ARB Altitude powered rooftop tent brings RV luxury to car camping

ARB, a trailblazer in the outdoor and overlanding gear sector from Australia, has once again set new standards with its latest offering, the Altitude rooftop tent. This innovative product is designed for those who cherish the spirit of adventure but do not want to compromise on comfort and convenience. With its blend of ruggedness and sophisticated features, the Altitude is a significant departure from traditional rooftop tents, promising to transform car camping into an experience akin to RV living.

At the heart of the Altitude’s design is the ambition to simplify the camping setup. ARB achieves this through the integration of a push-button electric lift system, eliminating the hassle of manual tent erection and disassembly. This feature alone places the Altitude in a league of its own, offering unprecedented ease of use in the rooftop tent market.

The Altitude doesn’t stop at automation; it redefines the entry and exit experience with its specially designed step ladder. Unlike the basic ladders that accompany most rooftop tents, the Altitude’s ladder is engineered for safety and comfort. It boasts broad, stable steps and extendable railings, ensuring secure footing. This ladder also features adaptable side mounts equipped with LED lighting, enhancing visibility and safety for nighttime use, and providing ambient light to the campsite.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Folded Ladder
The Altitude tent offers a sturdy, collapsible step ladder with wide steps and extendable railings for secure, hassle-free entry and exit.

Inside, the tent is a haven of thoughtfully designed features aimed at maximizing comfort and utility. The spacious interior, with its generous headroom, houses a plush dual-density foam mattress, ensuring restful sleep. The tent’s organizational design includes mesh pockets, a central lighting and ventilation control panel, and charging ports, encapsulating the needs of modern adventurers. Entertainment needs are not overlooked, with a dedicated mount for a tablet or smartphone for media viewing.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Enjoy Camping
The Altitude’s automated setup frees campers to focus on activities like preparing dinner, or simply enjoying the sunset.

Recognizing the importance of power management, the Altitude tent connects directly to the vehicle’s battery, ensuring that all its electrical features remain powered without the need for an internal battery. This design choice underscores the tent’s integration with the camping vehicle, although it highlights the importance of responsible power usage to prevent battery depletion.

Durability and aesthetics go hand in hand in the Altitude’s construction. Its hardshell exterior not only provides excellent protection from the elements but also maintains a sleek, low-profile appearance when closed. The robust construction, however, does add to the tent’s weight, coming in at 232 pounds, which may influence vehicle and travel planning.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Windows Doors Mesh
Unveiling expansive mesh panels, the ARB Altitude rooftop tent’s open windows and doors offer sweeping panoramic vistas.

With its release, the Altitude has garnered attention for its potential to enhance the camping lifestyle. Priced at a premium, $4,950 in the US and AU$7,249 in Australia, it represents a significant investment. However, the cost is reflective of the comprehensive suite of features and the level of innovation it brings to the outdoors.

To complement the Altitude, ARB has announced an array of accessories, including vehicle-specific mounts, an awning, and a hitch step for easier ladder access. These additions not only enhance the functionality of the tent but also allow users to tailor their setup to their precise needs and preferences.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Interior Lighting
The Altitude boasts adjustable interior lighting, with options for both warm and cold tones that can be dimmed to preference.

The introduction of the Altitude by ARB marks a significant milestone in the evolution of rooftop tents. By fusing state-of-the-art technology with user-centered design, ARB has crafted a product that offers a new level of comfort and convenience in outdoor living. For those who seek the thrill of adventure without sacrificing the comforts of home, the Altitude rooftop tent emerges as a compelling option, promising an upgraded camping experience that blurs the lines between the rugged outdoors and luxurious RV living.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Solar Panel Kit
A solar panel kit will be available as an option for the tent’s integrated roof rails.

Source: ARB

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