Bend Teardrop Tall Boy is a high-rise haven for campers

Bend Teardrop, a small RV builder based in Oregon, has long delighted in pushing the boundaries of teardrop trailer design. Known for its oversized trailers that offer ample sleeping space, the company has taken its innovation a step further with the introduction of the Tall Boy.

This new model stands on the same 6 x 12-ft chassis used by its elongated family teardrop but adds significant height to its structure, making it a unique offering in the market with over six feet of standing room inside. The Tall Boy has been designed to serve multiple purposes: a mobile lounge, a flexible chuckwagon, and a cozy sleeping space for four, all achieved without the need for any cumbersome adjustments.

Since its inception in 2015, Bend Teardrop has made a name for itself by creating camping trailers that are both functional and stylish, built upon a durable steel ‘overland’ chassis. The Tall Boy is no exception, extending to 17.4 ft in length and wrapped in an aluminum-skinned body that soars to 8.3 ft in height. This design not only offers an imposing presence but also enhances the camping experience by providing an interior ceiling height of 6.3 feet, allowing most individuals to stand up straight within the trailer.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Sleeping Area
In its standard sleeping arrangement, the trailer offers a 70.5”x54” bed at the rear and two 70”x26” bunk beds, where the top bunk also serves as the back of a couch. Images courtesy Bend Teardrop

One of the most notable features of the Tall Boy is its entryway, which includes a retractable step and a door that stands 5.8 feet tall, offering easy access into the trailer. Once inside, campers are welcomed by a sofa lounge situated directly opposite the door, offering a comfortable seating area that transforms into two bunks in the evening. The rear of the cabin houses a main bed, offering additional sleeping space for two. Bend Teardrop also offers various floor plans, including options for a super-queen bed, ensuring that buyers can find a layout that best suits their needs.

To ensure the interior remains comfortable and well-ventilated, the Tall Boy features tinted screened slider windows on each sidewall, two driver-side porthole windows, and a tall vertical door window. The galley, an iconic feature of teardrop trailers, is presented as an open space that owners can customize to their liking, equipped with a countertop, sink basin, storage shelves, and LED lighting. An innovative ‘Speakeasy’ pass-through door from the galley to the cabin further enhances the usability of the space.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Storage
Beneath the lower bunk lie spacious segmented drawers and cubbyholes, along with a 70.5”x24” storage compartment under the rear bed to accommodate larger items.

Bend Teardrop has equipped the Tall Boy with several standard features that are typically optional on other models, including a 200-W rooftop solar system, a 2-in hitch receiver, a brake system, AC shore power hookup, and rear stabilizer jacks. Despite its added size, the trailer maintains a manageable dry weight of just under 2,000 lb, making it compatible with a broad range of towing vehicles.

The Tall Boy hit the market last fall and is now available for order, with a starting price of US$18,995. Buyers have the option to customize their trailers with additional features such as a shore water hookup with a kitchen faucet, a 19-L fridge box, an onboard battery system and inverter, heating and A/C, and an exterior awning. These options allow for a personalized camping experience tailored to the needs and preferences of each owner.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Galley
The galley of the Tall Boy trailer provides generous storage and work areas, allowing owners to tailor their culinary and cleaning arrangements.

Bend Teardrop’s Tall Boy stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation in the teardrop trailer market. By combining the traditional charm of teardrop trailers with modern design and functionality, Bend Teardrop offers a unique solution for campers seeking a versatile and comfortable outdoor living space. The Tall Boy is not just a trailer; it’s a high-rise haven for adventurers who refuse to compromise on comfort or style in their pursuit of the great outdoors.

Bend Tall Boy Teardrop Camping Trailer Towing
With its over 8-foot stature, the Bend Tall Boy typically towers above tow vehicles, like the 6.3-foot-tall 2024 Jeep Wagoneer.

Source: Bend Teardrop

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