IcePro’s winch axle drops trailer floor onto the ice for drilling and fishing

The IcePro trailer emerges as a novel solution for adventurers seeking to conquer the icy landscapes of North America. This teardrop-inspired trailer, designed for the harshest winter conditions, combines the versatility of a toy hauler with the cozy confines of an ice fishing hut. Engineered to be towed by a chained-tire ATV or to carry one within its confines, the IcePro is a beacon of innovation in a market previously dominated by traditional ice fishing shelters.

Design and construction

Breaking away from the conventional boxy designs of towable ice houses, the IcePro boasts a sleek, glossy fiberglass construction that sets it apart. Its form factor, resembling more a small camping trailer than a typical ice house, measures 17 feet in length and 9.5 feet in height. This design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its functionality, providing 6.8 feet of interior headroom and making it an ideal toy hauler for winter sports enthusiasts.

Unique features for ice fishing

One of the IcePro trailer’s standout features is its innovative cranking-winch adjustable wheel system, which allows the aluminum chassis to lower over a foot directly onto the ice. This mechanism facilitates easy access for drilling through the floor to the ice below, enabling anglers to fish in comfort within the trailer’s heated interior.

IcePro Fiberglass Camper Trailer Design
IcePro distinguishes itself with its fiberglass build and a design reminiscent of a camper, setting it apart from conventional ice fishing shelters. Images courtesy IcePro

The trailer’s construction emphasizes lightweight towing and effective on-ice insulation, thanks to its fiberglass body and molded-plastic interior. Further enhancing its suitability for icy conditions are the insulated acrylic windows and a powerful 25,000-BTU ducted LPG furnace, ensuring a warm environment for fishing activities. The electrical system, complete with a Group 27 12-V battery, 45-A converter, and various lighting options, adds to the trailer’s functionality, making it ready for any adventure.

Interior amenities and options

IcePro Fiberglass Trailer Ice Fishing Hut Inside
Inside, the IcePro trailer merges the utility of a garage/fish hut, featuring a bench, a countertop, various cabinets, a stereo, and multiple fishing holes with removable covers.

While not designed for overnight use, the IcePro trailer is well-equipped with amenities to enhance the ice fishing experience. It includes a cushioned bench, countertop cabinet, overhead cabinets, and under-bench storage, along with a four-speaker Bluetooth radio for entertainment. For those seeking additional luxury, options such as a 32-inch smart TV, swivel captain’s chairs, generator models, and a Garmin Livescope fish finder system are available.

Transportation and storage

IcePro Trailer ATV Towing
The IcePro trailer is designed to transport the ATV overland, before being towed by it across the icy terrain.

The trailer’s thoughtful design includes ramps for rear loading and a large front storage box, accommodating an ATV for easy transport to and from fishing sites. With a weight of 1,800 lbs and a payload capacity of 1,200 lbs, the IcePro is both sturdy and spacious enough to carry all necessary gear and equipment.

Pricing and availability

Launched in January, the IcePro trailer is offered at a base price of US$24,995. Constructed in Backus, Minnesota, an area renowned for its vibrant ice fishing culture, the trailer embodies the spirit of adventure that defines the sport. Its location in the Land of 10,000 (frozen) Lakes underscores the manufacturer’s commitment to providing durable and innovative solutions for ice fishing enthusiasts.

IcePro Trailer Toy-Hauling
IcePro trailer in toy-hauling mode.

Source: IcePro Trailers

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