Evoke 6061-GT motorcycle boasts a colossal battery for electric touring

The concept of long-range touring on two wheels is evolving, with Evoke Motorcycles pushing the envelope into electric territory. The Evoke 6061-GT is an ambitious leap into the future of motorcycling, boasting the largest battery ever seen in a production motorcycle. This 30-kWh powerhouse promises an impressive range of over 600 km (370 miles) on a single charge, potentially easing the notorious ‘range anxiety’ for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

In the motorcycle community, the transition to electric has been met with both enthusiasm and skepticism. Daily commuters enjoy the zippy acceleration and low running costs of electric bikes, but many riders remain unconvinced, citing limited range and sparse charging infrastructure as deal-breakers for recreational riding. In response, the Hong Kong-based Evoke has crafted the 6061-GT to bridge this gap, targeting the weekend warriors who demand the freedom to roam far and wide.

The bike’s range is notable, with Evoke claiming that it can exceed 600 km in urban settings and still manage half that distance on highways. It supports level 2 CCS-2 DC fast charging, which can replenish the battery from 0-80% in about 30 minutes when connected to a 90 kW charger. Such rapid charging is vital for those looking to embark on extended journeys, offering a practical solution to long-distance travel without the lengthy pit stops.

Evoke 6061-GT Electric Touring Motorcycle Side View
Evoke’s 6061-GT redefines electric biking with its colossal battery capacity and fast charging, promising a new era of range confidence. Images courtesy Evoke Motorcycles

At the heart of the Evoke 6061-GT lies a liquid-cooled axial flux electric motor. Its peak output is rated at 90 kW (121 hp) and 206 Nm (152 lb-ft) of torque. The performance figures don’t necessarily shatter records, with a top speed claimed to be over 230 km/h (140 mph) and a 0-98 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration time of 4.4 seconds. However, considering the sizable battery pack, these numbers paint the picture of a bike that balances muscular performance with the heft of its energy storage.

In terms of design, the 6061-GT takes a cruiser approach, possibly to match the significant mass of its battery. Estimated to weigh in at over 320 kg (705 lb), it certainly sits on the heavier side of the spectrum. Yet, in cruiser fashion, bulk can equate to presence and stability. The motorcycle’s Twin Plate Exo-frame, which encases the battery, is a point of contention. Described in less than flattering terms, the 2023 model’s frame design received backlash for its unconventional aesthetics. However, the 2024 model has been reworked with plastic coverings that conceal the polarizing frame, offering a more palatable visual profile.

Evoke 6061-GT Electric Touring Motorcycle 2023 Model
2023 Model

The bike is also equipped with a modest dash mounted on the “tank,” ABS, regenerative braking, a three-way adjustable suspension, and a deep groove seat designed for comfort during long rides. Yet, the 6061-GT seems to fall short as a tourer in some respects. The absence of luggage options and difficulty in finding anchor points for strapping down cargo could deter those who travel with gear.

Pricing remains unconfirmed, but looking at the previous year’s model, which was around US$25,000, one might expect a similar if not higher price tag, considering the upgrades and the significant battery improvement.

Evoke 6061-GT Electric Touring Motorcycle 250-Section Tire
The 250-section rear tire, adorned with spokes, is a true behemoth.

Evoke has announced that the 6061-GT is available for order, with deliveries in North America starting in 2024. Though not yet listed on their website, the anticipation around this model is tangible. It represents a curious mix—an electric motorcycle engineered for touring but seemingly not outfitted for the traditional comforts and conveniences of long-distance travel.

Despite its peculiarities, the 6061-GT’s groundbreaking battery size and potential aesthetic improvements could carve out a niche within the biking community. It stands as a testament to the advances in electric vehicle technology, and its acceptance in the market will serve as a gauge for the readiness of riders to embrace an electric future. Whether the Evoke 6061-GT becomes a sought-after model for the avid motorcyclist remains to be seen, but it undeniably heralds a significant shift towards electric mobility on two wheels.

Evoke 6061-GT Longest-Range Electric Touring Motorcycle
The 2024 Evoke 6061-GT sets the bar for electric motorcycles with its unprecedented long-range capabilities.

Source: Evoke Motorcycles

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