Suzuki’s unique 4-legged, stair-climbing motorcycle

Suzuki has pushed the boundaries of conventional mobility with the introduction of the MOQBA at the Japanese Mobility Show. A marvel of engineering and robotics, the MOQBA, short for MOdular Quad Based Architecture, is unlike any motorcycle seen before. Its unique design, comprising four small electric wheels attached to highly articulated robotic legs, allows for remarkable adaptability in navigating diverse terrains, including the ability to climb stairs.

The MOQBA’s chassis is inspired by a double-boomerang design, to which a variety of modular attachments can be connected. These attachments range from conventional motorcycle seats to wheelchairs, stretchers, and even utility baskets or garbage bins. This multi-functional capability makes the MOQBA not just a vehicle, but a versatile tool that can cater to various mobility and transportation needs.

Each of the robotic legs possesses three degrees of freedom, enabling precise movements and adjustments that keep the vehicle balanced and steady across uneven surfaces. This includes the extraordinary feat of climbing stairs by adjusting each leg individually, ensuring that the passenger or cargo remains level and secure.

The seat maintains a horizontal position, adapting seamlessly as the legs adjust to different angles.

A particularly promising application of the MOQBA lies in its potential to enhance accessibility for the elderly and disabled. Its design could facilitate easier movement through areas that typically lack wheelchair accessibility, such as subways or rough terrains, thus creating new possibilities for inclusive mobility solutions.

The MOQBA doesn’t just stand as a personal mobility device; it also holds significant potential for use in emergency and disaster recovery scenarios. When equipped with a stretcher, the MOQBA could play a crucial role in transporting injured individuals safely across challenging and rubble-strewn terrains.

Equipped with a stretcher, the Suzuki MOQBA can be used for effective rescue and recovery missions across rugged terrains.

Performance-wise, the MOQBA brings respectable specifications to the table. As reported by The Ecofinance, it can achieve speeds up to 20 mph and offers a range of up to 50 miles, making it a practical option for various short-distance transportation needs.

While pricing details remain undisclosed, Suzuki’s MOQBA clearly portrays a vision of adaptive and multifunctional mobility. By combining robotics with practical design elements, the MOQBA emerges as a remarkable innovation, setting a new standard in the realm of adaptive transportation solutions. Its introduction marks a significant stride towards meeting the evolving demands of mobility in contemporary society, reflecting Suzuki’s commitment to innovation and inclusive design.

The Suzuki MOQBA’s modular top section allows for various modifications such as seats, stretchers, or baskets, catering to a wide array of mobility requirements.

Source: Suzuki

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