Langen’s retro revolution: Introducing the 2025 Lightspeed V-Twin

Boutique motorcycle manufacturer Langen has made waves in the industry with the introduction of its latest marvel, the 2025 Lightspeed V-Twin. Following the success of its remarkably lightweight 2-Stroke model, the company is gearing up to offer something equally impressive yet distinct. The new Langen Lightspeed stands out with its formidable 1190cc V-twin engine, boasting a power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower per kilogram—a figure that’s bound to catch the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Langen, a Manchester-based company only four years old, owes its inception to founder Christofer “Langen” Ratcliffe, a former Chief Design Engineer at CCM. This background is evident in the design nuances of Langen’s motorcycles. While the company’s first bike, the 2-Stroke, shared similarities with the compact CCM Spitfire, the Lightspeed charts its own course with a unique design and aesthetic.

The 2025 Langen Lightspeed retains a retro-modern vibe, similar to its predecessor. However, it diverges significantly in its structural design. The bike features a steel trellis frame, which was a visual standout in the 2-Stroke. In the Lightspeed, this frame adopts a more rigid, straight, and structural appearance, contributing to the bike’s overall robust and substantial feel. Despite its larger size, the Lightspeed manages to maintain a relatively modest weight of 185 kg (408 lbs), presumably when dry.

Revolutionizing roadster style, the Langen Lightspeed combines a streamlined, minimalist look with a robust 1190cc V-twin engine for unparalleled performance. Images courtesy Langen Motorcycles

Minimalism is key in the Lightspeed’s design, with limited bodywork. However, where it does feature, it boasts high-quality carbon. The bike is equipped with Swedish suspension components, all in black, and its braking system is courtesy of Hel. In a nod to personalization, Langen offers custom paintwork, handlebars, wheels, and other bespoke touches for each buyer.

The Langen Lightspeed boasts a cutting-edge 1200cc V-twin engine, a contemporary take on the legendary EBR 1190RX superbike’s powertrain.

At the core of the Lightspeed’s appeal is its 72-degree Rotax V-twin engine. With a displacement of 1,190 cc, it delivers a potent 185 horsepower (138 kW) at 10,600 rpm and 138 Nm (102 lb-ft) of torque at 8,200 rpm. This engine was initially designed for Erik Buell’s EBR 1190RX superbike, indicating a high-performance pedigree. The engine’s characteristics might hint at a resemblance to the EBR, particularly in terms of its performance in city traffic and a preference for open roads.

The Langen Lightspeed features a clean headlight and handlebar setup.

Langen plans to produce only 185 units for the UK market, with production commencing in 2025. An additional 370 units are slated for the global market, with production starting between 2026 and 2027. However, this exclusivity comes at a price. The starting price for the Lightspeed is UK£37,000 (approximately US$46,090), excluding taxes. This steep price point raises questions about its market reception, especially considering the niche segment it targets.

The exhaust tip on the Langen Lightspeed echoes the design elements of the dash and headlight.

In conclusion, the 2025 Langen Lightspeed V-Twin is a bold step for Langen, combining retro charm with modern performance. Its limited production run and high price tag position it as a luxury item for motorcycle connoisseurs. While it’s set to be a head-turner at local biker meets, whether it justifies its hefty price tag remains to be seen. As Langen continues to carve its niche in the motorcycle world, the Lightspeed V-Twin could either be a landmark success or a high-stakes gamble. Only time will tell.

Every Langen Lightspeed is distinctively personalized, offering buyers options to customize wheels, handlebars, and paint schemes to their preference.

Source: Langen Motorcycles

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