Yamaha unveils bizarre, swiveling, self-balancing Motoroid 2

Motorcycling enthusiasts often await technological marvels and future-focused concepts, but Yamaha’s Motoroid 2 seems to have taken this anticipation to an entirely new dimension. With its enthralling features and futuristic design, this machine seems less like a bike and more like a tantalizing peek into the next era of transportation.

A dive into the design

Yamaha made waves with the introduction of the first Motoroid, which left its mark as a peculiarly innovative concept. With the unveiling of Motoroid 2, Yamaha has elevated this innovation. At its core, this machine is an electric motorcycle, propelled by a hub-driven rear wheel. However, the real novelty is the swingarm that can pivot independently, a feature not seen in conventional bikes. This capability also extends to the battery box positioned beneath the bike’s central structure, introducing dynamic weight adjustments to enhance balance.

Central to this unique feature is Yamaha’s proprietary “Active Mass Center Control System” or AMCES. By aligning the movement of the swingarm and the battery box, the Motoroid 2 achieves a harmonious balance. But the surprises don’t end there. The front wheel, although looking deceptively standard, is governed by rigid handgrips that aren’t conventionally linked for steering. Instead, through electronic interventions and the AMCES, the Motoroid 2 exhibits an impressive ability to self-balance, rise independently, and maneuver autonomously. The bike’s interaction with riders has also been revolutionized through facial recognition and gesture controls.

The Motoroid 2 stands out with its distinctive translucent white bodywork. Images courtesy Yamaha Motor

Evolution from its predecessor

The Motoroid 2, while retaining the core of its predecessor, showcases an array of new features. Gone are the humanoid arms of the original, replaced with a sleek, translucent white body that glows with blue ambient lights. This bodywork is not just ornamental; it has the added capability of tilting upward, pushing the seat towards the back. The exact utility of this feature remains a mystery, as Yamaha remains tight-lipped, leaving room for speculation.

The bike’s aesthetic transformation is further evident in its fresh body contours and a commanding front headlight. These design tweaks give the Motoroid 2 a renewed, contemporary character, setting it apart from its earlier version.

Motoroid 2’s translucent bodywork, accentuated by blue mood lighting, has the capability to tilt upward.

Purpose beyond production

While Yamaha’s portrayal of the Motoroid 2 exudes a sense of lifelikeness and camaraderie, the company does not envision it as a staple on the production line. Instead, it serves as a beacon of Yamaha’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries and redefining human-machine interaction. This commitment has culminated in the Motoroid 2’s evolution, bringing forth a concept rarely seen in the biking world.

For enthusiasts eager to witness this piece of art and engineering, it will be the star attraction at the Events Japan Mobility Show 2023 this month. In terms of its price, Yamaha has yet to provide any specifics, keeping in line with its concept status.

The Motoroid 2 features rigid handgrips and a bold, imposing headlight.

In summation, the Motoroid 2 may appear as an enigmatic entity now, but it stands as a symbol of Yamaha’s innovative prowess. It prompts a reimagining of what motorcycling could look like in the future and serves as an inspiration for what’s possible in the realm of two-wheeled transportation.

The Motoroid 2 features a hub motor on a bizarre suspended swingarm that swivels.

Source: Yamaha

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