This three-wheel motorcycle conversion lets you lean

The classic image of a motorcycle, with its slim and sleek two-wheeled form, has been an emblem of freedom, agility, and adventure for decades. Yet, there’s a revolution on the horizon that promises to redefine this icon. This change is spearheaded by Tilting Motor Works with their groundbreaking TRiO kit. By infusing the attributes of a motorcycle with the stability of a trike, the TRiO offers a refreshing yet familiar motorcycling experience.

Brands with the stature of Harley Davidson, Honda, and Indian, each with their rich legacy in the world of motorcycles, can now be enhanced and transformed using the TRiO kit. But what makes this kit stand apart? Traditional trikes, with their rear dual-wheel configuration, often compromise on the agility and thrill that two-wheelers are revered for. The TRiO, on the other hand, revolutionizes this setup. By positioning two wheels at the front, it not only gives motorcycles a distinctive appearance but also profoundly alters the dynamics of the ride.

At the heart of this design change is the goal to offer motorcyclists an unparalleled experience. Counter-steering, leaning into sharp turns, feeling the gush of wind against the face, are intrinsic to motorcycling. The TRiO ensures that none of this is lost. By allowing the front wheels to tilt in harmony, it bridges the gap between the rush of two-wheelers and the steadiness of trikes. Riders no longer have to settle for the often-clunky handling of traditional trikes. With TRiO, they get an exhilarating yet balanced ride.

With the TRiO kit’s advanced tilting mechanism, confidently lean into every curve.

Safety, as any seasoned motorcyclist would attest, cannot be compromised. The TRiO kit, with its emphasis on design and engineering, brings enhanced safety to the fore. The dual front wheel setup provides superior traction at the front, where it matters most. This means riders get better control over their machine, especially during cornering. Furthermore, the augmented braking power of the dual wheels ensures that riders can make sudden stops with precision, drastically reducing the potential for accidents.

Innovation with the TRiO doesn’t stop at the tilting wheels. The kit boasts of the tilt lock leveling system, a pioneering feature that promises unmatched convenience. Picture this: being at a traffic signal and not having to plant your feet on the ground, as the motorcycle, thanks to this system, holds itself upright. It’s these subtle enhancements that make a world of difference to the overall riding experience.

The tilt-lock feature of the TRiO kit guarantees stability at stops, keeping the motorcycle upright without the need for rider intervention.

For enthusiasts intrigued by this blend of innovation and tradition, getting the TRiO kit is a straightforward affair. A refundable deposit of $2,000 ensures your booking. While the kit is priced at $13,995, it’s essential to note that installation costs are separate. Post-installation, riders aren’t left to their own devices. Certified dealers, understanding the nuances of this transformative modification, offer an in-depth orientation. This covers everything from a hands-on test ride to mastering the tilt lock system, ensuring riders are well-equipped and confident.

Harley Streetside conversion

To sum up, the TRiO kit by Tilting Motor Works is not a mere modification; it’s a reimagining of motorcycle dynamics. By seamlessly integrating the thrill of two-wheelers with the sturdiness of trikes, it offers riders the best of both worlds. It’s a statement that with the right innovation, even classics can evolve, and as Tilting Motor Works rightfully claims, a TRiO-enhanced motorcycle feels like a conventional two-wheeler, but with enhanced thrills and heightened safety. It’s an experience waiting to be embraced by every motorcycle enthusiast.

2008 Pearl White Honda GL1800 conversion
Indian motorcycle conversion

Source: Tilting Motor Works

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