XBus offers a wide variety of modules for personalized electric mobility

The ElectricBrands XBus emerges as a pivotal innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape, offering a fresh take on modularity, sustainability, and user adaptability. This compact EV combines the practicality required for daily use with the flexibility to cater to a variety of lifestyles, setting a new standard for what consumers can expect from the future of electric mobility.

Modularity at the forefront

The essence of the XBus’s innovation lies in its modular design, a concept that allows for unparalleled customization. This vehicle is constructed on a versatile chassis that accommodates a wide array of modules, designed for different functionalities—from transporting goods and ferrying passengers to serving as a mobile home during camping trips. With dimensions measuring 3,945 mm by 1,690 mm and a height of 1,930/1,990 mm, the XBus presents a compact yet spacious solution for modern transport needs, weighing in at 500 to 800 kg without including batteries and cargo.

Power and efficiency

Underpinning the XBus’s performance is a 15 kWh battery, ensuring a respectable range of about 200 km on a single charge. For those requiring extended range, an upgrade to a 45 kWh battery boosts this distance to an impressive 600 km. The vehicle also features all-wheel drive, optional solar roofs for energy harvesting, an integrated sound system, and state-of-the-art recuperation technology. These solar panels, capable of expanding up to 6 m² depending on the chosen module, not only contribute to the vehicle’s energy efficiency but also underscore its commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions.

ElectricBrands XBus Modular EV Chassis Variants
The XBus offers two chassis variants, Standard and Offroad. Images courtesy ElectricBrands

Versatility through variants

Addressing diverse user needs, ElectricBrands has developed several XBus variants:

  • Base Model: Starting at €17,380, this model forms the foundation for all other configurations.
  • Pickup and Pickup Bus: Tailored for commercial use, these variants offer spacious loading areas and are ideal for businesses.
  • Camper: Designed for the adventurous spirit, featuring sleeping arrangements, a compact kitchen, and entertainment facilities.
  • Cabrio: A convertible model for those who love the freedom of open-air driving.
  • Box and Transporter: Focused on maximizing cargo space, perfect for deliveries and mobile businesses.
  • Bus and Kipper (Tipper): These models are designed to optimize passenger and cargo space, with functionalities that simplify loading and unloading processes.
ElectricBrands XBus Modular Electric Vehicle Camper
The Camper variant of the XBus features a cozy sleeping space for two, and a compact kitchen with sink, fridge, and hob.

Navigating production challenges

Anticipated to kickstart production in 2022, the XBus faced hurdles related to industrialization, prompting a strategic alliance with VDL Nedcar to leverage their manufacturing prowess. This partnership is anticipated to not only streamline the production process but also to capitalize on VDL Nedcar’s geographic and technological advantages. With revised timelines, production is now expected to roll out by the end of 2024 or early 2025, aligning with the initial customer deliveries planned for 2025.

Market anticipation and engagement

Despite setbacks, the anticipation surrounding the XBus remains strong among electric mobility enthusiasts and prospective customers. ElectricBrands’ commitment to transparency regarding production updates has played a crucial role in sustaining interest and building a robust community around the XBus. With nine distinct variants on offer, the vehicle promises to meet a broad spectrum of user needs, from leisurely pursuits to professional applications, all within an accessible price point starting at €17,380.

ElectricBrands XBus Modular Electric Vehicle Box Loading
The XBus’s Box variant, the most spacious option, offers over 6,000 liters of storage space for extensive cargo needs.

The road ahead for ElectricBrands XBus

The ElectricBrands XBus is poised to redefine the electric vehicle sector through its innovative approach to modularity, sustainability, and consumer choice. Although challenges have delayed its debut, the ongoing collaboration between ElectricBrands and VDL Nedcar signals a promising future for this groundbreaking EV. As the automotive industry continues its shift towards more sustainable and adaptable transportation options, the XBus stands as a beacon of creativity and resilience among EV manufacturers, eagerly awaited by a market ready for change. Its arrival is set to be a landmark event, not just for ElectricBrands but for the entire movement towards cleaner, more flexible forms of transport.

Source: ElectricBrands

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