Badger Extreme camper trailer unfolds with a roof that transforms into a room

The realm of camper trailers is witnessing a revolution, and the Badger Extreme camper trailer is at the forefront of this transformation. This unique offering from the South African market combines the compactness of a fold-out tent camper with the spaciousness of a caravan, presenting a design that redefines convenience and efficiency in outdoor adventures.

The Badger Extreme camper trailer distinguishes itself through its novel expansion method. Unlike traditional trailers, it features a large section of the fiberglass roof and sidewall that folds out to create an additional room. This innovative design not only adds significant head and elbow room but also maintains a small single-axle footprint, making it ideal for travelers seeking a balance between compactness and space.

Measuring 5.13 meters (16.8 feet) in length, the Badger Extreme resembles the size of a typical teardrop trailer but is designed with the ruggedness of a larger off-road caravan. It boasts a sharp, faceted nose and a rectangular body, exuding a sense of durability and readiness for the challenges of the wild.

Exploring the off-road prowess of the Badger Extreme camper trailer. Images courtesy Badger Caravans

The ingenuity of the Badger Extreme lies in its central fold-out feature. The right sidewall and center roof fold down seamlessly, transforming the wall into a floor and the roof into a rear wall. This process is facilitated by telescopic legs built into the roof rack, ensuring structural stability. Once expanded, the interior space becomes a canopy bedroom with weatherproof canvas sidewalls, offering both comfort and protection against the elements. The bed within this space can be adjusted to serve as a sofa during the day, converting into a large double bed at night.

Telescopic legs extend from roof crossbars for sturdy bedroom expansion support.

Despite its size, the Badger Extreme does not compromise on interior amenities. It includes a fabric storage organizer, ample rear storage, and an optional TV mount for entertainment. The outdoor kitchen area is a notable highlight, featuring a comprehensive setup that includes a dual-burner stove, fridge/freezer, storage cupboards, and a sink basin with hot/cold sprayer. The kitchen’s design is both functional and space-efficient, with slide-out components and fold-down worktops.

The versatile bed transforms from a daytime sofa to a 190-cm long nighttime sleeping space, leaving the aisle open for full trailer access.

The Badger Extreme is designed to accommodate two people comfortably, with the option of adding a rear tent for additional sleeping space. While it does not include a standard bathroom, it offers a rear sprayer that doubles as a shower and designated storage for a portable toilet. The rear tent can be converted into a private bathroom space, adding to the trailer’s versatility.

Badger camping trailers are uniquely designed to slide, flip, and fold in innovative ways.

This innovative camper trailer is available in three configurations. The flagship Extreme model, weighing 1,240 kg (2,734 lb), starts at approximately R455,000 (around US$24,210). This model is tailored for off-road adventures and comes equipped with exclusive features such as shock absorbers, mud flaps, rock sliders, and an optional fridge/freezer. The base-level Lite Onroad model, priced at R320,000 (about $17,025), offers a more affordable option with many amenities being optional. The mid-tier X-Over model is available from R380,000 (approximately $20,235). All models are built on a sturdy steel chassis and include an electrical system with a 105-Ah battery.

In summary, the Badger Extreme camper trailer represents a significant leap in the evolution of camping vehicles. Its unique expandable design, coupled with comprehensive features and customizable configurations, makes it an attractive option for both seasoned adventurers and casual campers. With its blend of compactness, comfort, and versatility, the Badger Extreme is set to redefine the standards of outdoor living.

Enhance your camping experience with the Badger trailer’s optional rear tent.

Source: Badger Caravans

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