Granstudio’s Komma EV is a compact solution for modern urban mobility

In the constantly evolving urban landscape, where bustling city life meets the challenges of transportation, innovative solutions are essential to keep pace with the changing needs of modern commuters. Granstudio, a renowned design firm specializing in automotive, interaction, and mobility design, steps into this dynamic arena with the introduction of the Komma compact electric vehicle (EV). This article delves into the unique features, design philosophy, and potential impact of the Komma EV on urban mobility.

Granstudio and the birth of Komma EV

Granstudio, an international mobility design agency, has taken a bold step with the design of Komma EV. In a world where the average electric car battery demands a staggering 200 tons of raw materials, Granstudio has made a conscious decision to reduce material usage by 70% in the Komma EV’s production. This initiative is not only environmentally responsible but also addresses the need to decrease energy consumption and waste. Granstudio’s interdisciplinary approach, which encompasses user experience, urban trend analysis, and automotive design, is reflected in the vehicle’s contemporary and minimalist design.

Design and features: Compact yet capable

Komma’s most striking feature is its compact size, which cleverly houses a range of functionalities. Designed to seat two, it offers the convenience of a motorcycle’s size while providing the comfort and safety of a car. The closed version of Komma, in contrast to its open, doorless model, provides a snug and secure environment for passengers, without the burden of extra weight. Additionally, its built-in cargo space is sufficiently large to accommodate daily essentials.

Shown here in open and closed versions, the Komma EV combines the safety and comfort of a car with the agility of a motorcycle. Images courtesy Granstudio

Performance and efficiency: A user-driven approach

Granstudio’s focus on technology and user experience is evident in Komma’s performance and efficiency. The vehicle features an electric drivetrain with engines located in the rear wheels. This design conserves space and reduces energy consumption while allowing for precise, software-controlled driving dynamics. Komma offers a modular battery system, with options for a single 7.5kWh module or a double 15kWh module, achieving an impressive range of up to 200km. Charging is convenient and quick, compatible with both standard power outlets and fast chargers.

A chassis render of the Komma EV shows an electric drivetrain that positions the motors in the rear wheels.

Safety: A core priority

Despite its slender profile, the Komma EV does not compromise on safety. Granstudio has equipped the vehicle with advanced safety features such as ABS, airbags, seatbelts, and anti-collision control, embracing the latest in automotive safety technology. Additionally, the vehicle includes a motorcycle-like tilting system for effective swerving and stability, ensuring all four tires maintain contact with the road, thus enhancing control and safety.

Impact on urban spaces

The Komma EV is not just a vehicle; it embodies a broader vision for urban spaces. Its design, which accommodates two passengers and provides ample safety and cargo capacity, makes it an ideal choice for both private ownership and shared mobility services. By integrating into car-sharing systems, Komma has the potential to significantly reduce urban traffic congestion. Moreover, its smaller footprint compared to traditional cars could play a crucial role in freeing up city spaces for public use and community events.

Komma’s sleek design eases parking hassles and cuts down traffic time, simplifying your daily commute.

Pricing and availability

As of the writing of this article, specific pricing information for the Komma EV is not available. However, given its innovative design and features, it is expected to be competitively priced, catering to the needs of urban dwellers seeking a compact, efficient, and safe mode of transportation. The vehicle is set to be released in 2025, and it is anticipated that more detailed pricing and availability information will be provided closer to the launch date.


Komma EV integrates advanced safety with ABS, airbags, and anti-collision control for secure urban driving.

Granstudio’s Komma EV represents a significant leap in urban mobility solutions, combining compactness, efficiency, and safety in a single package. Its environmentally conscious production approach, coupled with its potential to transform urban transportation and reduce congestion, makes it a promising addition to the future of city living. As cities continue to grow and evolve, solutions like the Komma EV are crucial in navigating the challenges of modern urban mobility.

Source: Granstudio

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