Suweeka Bike Lifter: Effortless loading of eMTBs onto vehicles

The advent of electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) has brought a new challenge to cycling enthusiasts: the cumbersome task of lifting these heavier bikes onto vehicle racks. Addressing this issue, Portland, Oregon-based company Suweeka has introduced the Bike Lifter, a modular rack system designed specifically for eMTBs. This innovative system offers a hassle-free solution to loading and unloading heavy bikes without the need for physical exertion.

At the heart of the Bike Lifter system are two key components: the Quick Connect Hitch Cleat (QCHC) and the bike tray. The QCHC is designed to mount onto any standard 2-inch trailer hitch, making it universally compatible with most vehicles. The bike tray, connected to the QCHC through a linkage, is where the real innovation lies. When loading or unloading, the tray lies flat on the ground for most vehicles, allowing users to simply roll their eMTBs on and off without lifting.

Once the bike is in position, raising it for transport is effortless. Users can either use the included hand crank or their own power drill to elevate the tray and the bike off the ground and towards the vehicle’s rear. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who find the physical strain of lifting a heavy eMTB onto a traditional rack challenging.

Each tray is capable of supporting bikes weighing up to 120 pounds. Images courtesy Suweeka

The bike is secured in place using wheel tie-down straps along the tray’s gutter, supplemented by a hinged stabilizer bar that attaches to the bike’s frame through an adjustable-position coupler. This securement system ensures that the bike remains stable and safe during transit. Additionally, the tray can be conveniently folded up 90 degrees against the vehicle’s hatch or tailgate when not in use, making it unobtrusive and space-efficient.

Suweeka has recognized the diverse needs of its customers by offering the Bike Lifter in both one- and two-tray models. The one-tray model is priced at $2,200, while the two-tray model retails for $2,600. Each tray can handle a maximum bike weight of 120 lb (54 kg), indicating the system’s robustness and suitability for even some electric motorbikes.

The Bike lifter allows you to raise your bikes into transit position, and to lower your bikes when you arrive at your destination.

Looking beyond just bike transportation, Suweeka plans to expand the utility of the Bike Lifter system by introducing attachments for other outdoor gear. These attachments will be interchangeable with the bike tray, sliding on and off the QCHC, thus enhancing the system’s versatility for various outdoor activities.

Prospective buyers can look forward to preordering the Bike Lifter system starting December 15th. As an incentive, Suweeka offers a $100 discount to the first 100 customers, who will receive their racks from the initial production run. The schedule and quantity of subsequent production runs will depend on consumer demand.

When not in use, the tray attachment collapses seamlessly against the vehicle.

Source: Suweeka

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