Mink Campers pioneers electric adventure with its Icelandic teardrop design

The RV world reveres few designs as much as the iconic teardrop trailers, which echo the charm of the classic VW T1 pop-up camper vans. Among these gems, Mink Campers, originating from Iceland, stands out with its contemporary twist on the quintessential teardrop style. Taking their commitment to innovation a step further, Mink Campers has now introduced the Mink-E, a teardrop trailer running entirely on electric power, redefining green travel across the Icelandic landscapes.

The Mink 2.0, Mink Campers’ previous model, was already garnering attention for its smart engineering. With its sleek 13.5-foot (4.1-m) frame and 1,150-lb (520-kg) weight, it promised a relatively fuel-efficient journey. The freshly unveiled Mink-E pushes these boundaries by shedding weight to just below 1,125 lb (510 kg), making it not only Mink’s lightest but also an optimal companion for electric vehicles and smaller cars running on internal combustion engines.

Durability and sustainability are at the heart of the Mink-E design. Retaining the fused ABS plastic construction of its precursor, the trailer is built with frame-less walls that are a substantial 1.2-inches (30-mm) thick. Ensuring the internal comfort of its occupants, the trailer is equipped with 19-mm Armaflex insulation and a special heater-supplemented AirFlow ventilation mechanism. This guarantees a warm haven during Iceland’s icy months and a breezy atmosphere during warmer seasons. Echoing its commitment to the planet, Mink Campers proudly shares that approximately 25% of the Mink-E is recyclable.

Adjacent to the Mink-E’s signature skylight, a thoughtfully positioned solar panel enhances its all-electric setup.

Aesthetically, the Mink-E is a refreshing departure from the earlier model. The previous vivid yellows have been replaced with a striking shade of “electric” blue juxtaposed with muted gray walls and roofing. This design ensures that even amid the captivating vistas of Iceland, with its azure waters and icy stretches, the Mink-E is never overshadowed.

Embracing the electric revolution wholeheartedly, Mink Campers has transitioned from diesel and gas utilities to an all-electric setup. This eco-friendly initiative is backed by an integrated solar charging mechanism along with an onboard battery. The traditional kitchenette, known for its efficiency, now boasts of a 36-L ice chest ingeniously placed beneath the countertop. The conventional gas stove has been replaced by a state-of-the-art induction cooker, and the diesel Webasto heater has given way to its electric counterpart. For those concerned about battery longevity, the trailer also features an external charging port for direct power-ups.

Savoring the charm of the wide skylight and the notable round doors.

While its energy source has undergone a transformation, many of the Mink-E’s features remain delightfully consistent with the Mink 2.0. It showcases its unique round windows and doors, and the expansive overhead skylight remains a centerpiece of the teardrop design. The tailgate hides a compact kitchen, and the interior is dominated by an RV queen-size mattress, promising restful nights. Additional amenities include a versatile cot-style bunk and an ergonomically designed padded backrest.

Though the Mink-E boasts the familiar tailgate kitchen of its counterparts, it stands apart with its all-electric appliance suite.

Exemplifying the adventurous spirit of both Iceland and Mink Campers, while championing a low environmental footprint, the Mink-E emerges as a beacon of sustainable exploration. As for the price point, the Mink-E is tagged at £25,328 (equivalent to US$31,000), marking a premium of £3.3K over the Mink 2.0, which is priced at £21,995 (US$26,920). Those keen on a firsthand experience can catch the Mink-E at the Motorhome & Caravan Show slated to be held in Birmingham, UK.

To sum up, with the launch of the Mink-E, Mink Campers has masterfully merged traditional design with groundbreaking technology. For those with wanderlust in their hearts and a commitment to sustainability in their minds, the Mink-E is a dream come true.

The vibrant blue shade of the Mink-E captures attention, and its streamlined build is perfectly suited for towing with compact cars.

Source: Mink Campers

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