Mitsubishi D:X Concept redefines the adventure van landscape

In a pioneering move, Mitsubishi has unveiled the D:X Concept, embodying a transformative look for the revered Delica, which has historically been celebrated worldwide as the quintessential canvas for adventure vans. The latest concept is a testament to futuristic design and innovation, seamlessly merging MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) space with SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) durability. Mitsubishi’s D:X Concept is essentially a compact, electrified 4×4 van designed to proficiently navigate all terrains, handling snow, dust, and gravel with unprecedented agility.

Drawing inspiration from previous Delica generations, particularly the Delica D:5, the D:X Concept takes a step back towards a more simplified monobox design. It subtly steers away from the heavily-stylized grille and dual-box minivan direction adopted by its predecessor. Mitsubishi’s latest concept combines newer modifications such as projection lasers, an AI-driven terrain-analysis system, and a unique see-through hood and pillars to enhance space, safety, and off-road adventure capabilities.

The exterior design, while carrying the hallmark of rugged adventurism, introduces an element of sophistication through features like wraparound glass, sturdy wheel arches, oversized AT tires, and protective rocker panels that ingeniously transform into side steps. However, the design also sees an integration of chunky elements like the stacked skid plate and bumper, which appear somewhat disjointed in conjunction with the slim, elegant T lights.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV T-Shaped Lights
Mitsubishi employs unique T-shaped lights to enhance and broaden the vehicle’s visual appeal. Images courtesy Mitsubishi

In terms of structure and safety, the D:X Concept ensures a robust integrity essential for both on-road and off-road terrains, utilizing a “rib-bone”-pillared structural frame derived from the Delica D:5. The interior of the van is designed to optimize space and flexibility, featuring six independent seats equipped with swivel and up/down motion capabilities, enhancing the vehicle’s adaptability to varied passenger needs. A premium touch is added with an integrated Yamaha 3D sound system featuring headrest speakers in each seat, ensuring an immersive auditory experience for passengers.

An extraordinary feature of the D:X Concept is its innovative see-through hood, equipped with a strip of lower glass beneath the windshield, aimed at enhancing the driver’s visibility, particularly in challenging off-road conditions. This element, likened to an aerial cockpit by Mitsubishi, significantly contributes to safe and informed driving during adventures in rough terrains.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV All Seasons
Similar to the Delica, the D:X presents itself as an impeccable off-road mini-camper, adaptable for every season.

Technology is at the forefront of the D:X Concept, with cutting-edge additions such as a large front camera-fed screen that provides a third-level frontal view, blending seamlessly with the lower edge of the glass on the hood. This screen works in synergy with a voice-interactive AI concierge, providing crucial real-time information such as hazard identification, optimal path direction, local information, and weather updates.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV Ribbed Structure
The D:X inherits the distinctive ribbed structural framework utilized in the Mitsubishi Delica D:5.

Despite its futuristic styling and features, the concept subtly aligns with Mitsubishi’s current production ethos, adopting a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) layout. Though detailed powertrain specifics remain undisclosed, Mitsubishi envisions a system competent in delivering a robust four-wheel drive with S-AWC (Super-All Wheel Control) for exceptional traction management across various weather and road conditions. It allows drivers to choose between all-electric and hybrid modes, offering further customization through additional modes suited to diverse surfaces and conditions.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV Glass Roof
A glass roof enhances the indoor viewing experience, offering a panoramic perspective of the surrounding scenery.

The concept also features a notable rooftop box, which, though not explicitly detailed in Mitsubishi’s announcement, appears to be designed more as an off-road light-fronted rooftop tent rather than a conventional cargo box, complementing the vehicle’s overall adventurous appeal.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV Display
The D:X features a fusion of extended front glass and a digital camera display with info overlay, complemented by pillar view panels for enhanced peripheral vision.

Mitsubishi’s D:X Concept proudly stands as the centerpiece at a Japan Mobility Show exhibit, amidst a spectacular array of show models embodying the spirit of adventure. These include an imposing electric quad termed the “Last 1 Mile transporter,” prototypes of the brand-new Triton pickup, the delightful new Delica Mini, and a competitive team of Mitsubishi Ralliart comprising of a Triton truck and a Delica D:5 support rig showcased at the 2023 Asia Cross Country Rally.

Mitsubishi Last 1 Mile Quad
Mitsubishi’s adventure-centric Japan Mobility Show exhibit also showcases the “Last 1 Mile” quad.

Source: Mitsubishi

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