Motorola’s flexible smartphone turns into a bracelet

Motorola has unveiled a captivating innovation at Lenovo Tech World 2023 – a bendable smartphone that redefines adaptability. In a remarkable blend of design and technology, the device can transition from a conventional smartphone to a wrist accessory, like a slap bracelet, or even stand on its own.

The device features a 6.9-inch full high-definition plus (FHD+) plastic OLED (pOLED) display, promising crisp visuals. Its transformative design is augmented with a series of hinges, allowing for a flexible body that can bend backward and adjust into various modes. When folded into a self-standing mode, it projects a compact view on a 4.6-inch display, offering a full Android experience without the need for a separate phone stand.

The concept is more than just a marvel in flexible display innovation. Motorola, with a history of exploring bendable smartphones, has ensured that the phone is not only about an adaptable physical design. Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) features play a significant role in elevating the user experience. The AI concepts introduced are geared toward personal convenience, and they encompass various aspects of daily smartphone usage.

When folded into a self-standing mode, it projects a compact view on a 4.6-inch display, offering a full Android experience.

One intriguing AI feature is the generative AI model, which allows users to customize wallpapers. By capturing or uploading an image, users can create AI-generated wallpapers that match their style or outfit, making the smartphone a more personalized accessory. Furthermore, the phone introduces a powerful assistant named MotoAI, capable of managing tasks such as answering questions, scheduling, and drafting messages. Notably, this personal assistant prioritizes privacy by processing data locally on the device.

The handset, in its standard smartphone form, showcases a 6.9-inch pOLED display.

The device also boasts an enhanced Doc Scanner feature, promising clear, wrinkle, and shadow-minimized scanned documents, reflecting Motorola’s commitment to practical, user-friendly innovations.

The conceptual device uses a display that “can be bent and shaped into different forms depending on users’ needs.”

In conclusion, Motorola’s latest concept at the Lenovo Tech World 2023 is an inspiring glimpse into the future of smartphones. By combining a flexible design with robust AI features, the phone epitomizes a blend of style, adaptability, and technological prowess. This innovation serves as a testament to Motorola’s continuous pursuit of redefining the smartphone user experience, although full specifications and commercial availability remain eagerly anticipated by tech enthusiasts.

When on the wrist, users can expect “a similar experience to the external display on motorola razr+ to stay connected while on the go.”

Source: Motorola

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