Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle tackles rough terrain on land or underwater

The realm of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) has witnessed a spectacular evolution with the introduction of the Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle. Manufactured by the renowned Canadian company Deep Trekker, the Onyx stands out as a stupendous amphibious drone, proficiently navigating rugged terrains both on land and up to 50 meters (164 feet) underwater.

Crafted with a design reminiscent of Deep Trekker’s elite Revolution ROVs, the Onyx embodies a synthesis of durability and innovation. Equipped with four resilient, motorized wheels encased in all-terrain rubber tires, the Onyx asserts its dominance by seamlessly maneuvering over a spectrum of obstacles. Whether operating atop the ground or submerged, the Onyx perpetuates a high performance, demonstrating remarkable adaptability.

Designed for a multifaceted operation, the Onyx is wirelessly controlled when on land, ensuring effortless navigation. However, underwater operations necessitate the vehicle to be tethered via a communications cable, ensuring persistent connectivity and operational integrity. Piloting the Onyx is facilitated through a user-centric handheld remote, featuring an integrated 7-inch LCD screen that vibrantly displays live footage from the vehicle’s cameras.

The Onyx’s body is made primarily of anodized 6061 aluminum. Images courtesy Deep Trekker

In terms of visibility, the Onyx is a tour de force. It comes equipped with a standard 1080p front-facing camera that is remotely tiltable, ensuring optimum coverage. Assisting in low light conditions are four robust LED spotlights, delivering a brilliant 1,100 lumens. For those desiring enhanced visual capabilities, options to upgrade to a 4K camera and the addition of extra cameras on the rear and sides are available.

Powered by a formidable 232-Wh lithium-ion battery, the Onyx boasts up to two hours of uninterrupted operation per charge. Furthermore, for extended operational demands, it offers the flexibility to be hard-wired to an external power source.

The Onyx can be optionally outfitted with a LiDAR module.

Dimensionally, the Onyx presents itself with a length of 599 mm, width of 428 mm, and height of 250 mm, complemented by a significant ground clearance of 100 mm, and it weighs 26.5 kg. Its operational prowess is exhibited through a maximum speed of 1.1 meters per second, ensuring swift maneuverability across various terrains.

The Onyx’s modular design allows for the incorporation of specialized accessories such as sonar or LiDAR modules. This enhances its applicability in diverse scenarios including disaster response, hazardous material handling, security patrols, mine mapping, and industrial inspections.

The Onyx equipped with an optional sonar module.

For potential buyers, the Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle is available at a starting price of US$43,000, delineating it as a valuable asset for robust, multifunctional operations. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Source: Deep Trekker

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